The Knowledge of Psychology has been a part of Indian Science since Antiquity

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May 4, 2017

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Indian psychology has come a long way in the hundred years of its existence. Today, there are large number of teaching and research institutions offering wide range of courses in psychology. For almost a century, academic psychology in India has continued to be an alien discipline. However, at the turn of the Millennium, psychology in India is returning to its roots and a new beginning seems to be in the offing. Though psychology has traversed a long distance in India, problems like the lack of direction and proper exposure have cast doubts about the application of psychology. In the context of the rapidly changing socio-economic scenario of the country, these doubts place a shadow over the psychology field. This article examines the status of psychology courses in India as an educational discipline and discusses some factors responsible for its growth.

Several good publications have surfaced in recent years which have enabled a critical evaluation of the psychology field’s development in India. The publications and journals are certainly bringing the Indian psychology sector in the eyes of global citizens. However, a little known fact is that the Indian scriptures dating back thousands of years effectively dealt with the analysis of states of consciousness and contents of mental activities. The vedic sciences hold troves of knowledge about the field of psychology which are extremely apt and resourceful. A parallel movement is now underway to rekindle that knowledge from the scriptures and folk practices, and evaluate its relevancy in the present times. Some of the courses in the modern times which are being taught in institutes with an intent to cover as much ground as possible are listed below:

BA Psychology:

The aim of this course is to provide solid foundation for the basic principles of psychology. The program helps the students in familiarizing with the historical trends in psychology, It covers the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, and empirical findings along with an overview of the applications of psychology. The course is designed to be a stepping stone for the students who have made their mind to become a psychologist. Starting from the mere definitions of Psychology to historical perspectives in Psychology are covered in the course. Along with brushing-up the historical facets of the field, the program also encompasses the modern perspectives in psychology. Through scientific & methodical approach, BA in Psychology course prepares the students for the extensive understanding of the discipline.

BA Sociology:

The text book definition of the term sociology is the study of development, structure and functioning of the human society. The program is directed towards introducing sociology to the students as a major social science. Basic concepts are inculcated within the students about sociological concepts in this course, which helps them in getting better acquainted with the knowledge and phenomenon of sociology.

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