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The latent effects of so called concerns

Posted by Tuba Afreen
May 28, 2017

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  • “Who came up with girls study humanities and boys study science”. I just finished reading this article on YKA and it felt like someone had just got into my head and penned down my feelings. To carry on on the same line of the above quoted article , i think the more pertinent question to ask is not “who brought this up” rather “is it still entertained”. The unfortunate answer to this is “Yes” quite explicitly, and not just this but many other similar nonsense such as “why send a girl out to study! What’s the point?” Or “how will she travel alone, she is a girl” et cetera. These questions are almost always followed by spellbindingly kind words such as “it’s for your own good you know, the world is not safe out there.” My parents just took this ‘for your own safety’ thing to another level. They denied me the right to sleep on the side berth in the train for the fear that someone might sneak in there hands to torment me. I was in such a state of shock that the only word i could voice was “seriously”. These so called concerns are an integral part of every girl’s life. And these qualms are stated with such genuine worries in the voice of the exponent that one could hardly point an accusing finger. Also these ‘exclusively about girls’ matters are discussed only by the males of the family (sometimes an all knowing aunt may get some space but only as long as she is determined to make the most misogynistic statement of all times). However what these kind souls conveniently overlook is the effect these statements blurted out every second have on the very people these are aimed at. It seeps deep down invading the thinking process and ultimately crushes one’s personality. I do, sitting comfortably in my room, sport all sorts of feministic stands and even prepare speeches for women’s right to go whenever and wherever they want to but the very thought of going out alone sends cold shiver through out my body. Though i am determined to overcome all my fears of travelling alone and living alone but my dreams of going out to study would have been much more beautiful if, thanks to the constant rants about concerns for girls, they weren’t afflicted with fearful apprehensions.

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