The modern mother’s day celebrations!

Posted by Nikita Sharma
May 14, 2017

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Denouncement of the modern day celebrations of motherhood is the integral and necessary tool needed to decipher the purpose of the packaging of Mother’s Day celebrations around the world, there’s no denying that celebrations are catalysts of happiness in communities.
But we need a realistic cause to know why are we celebrating a certain day!
Not known by all, Mother’s Day was commemorated in Ancient Greece and Rome to dedicate it to mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele.
However, with procurement of Mother’s Day celebrations in America in early 1900s, the plethora of devoting changed over time. It merely grew to add to the number of national holidays in the calendar and celebrating mothers by offering them with flowers chocolates and gifts to make them feel good about their motherhood.
Started by Anna Jarvis to pay homage to the sacrifices a mother makes for the children.
By 1915s it grew to commercialized patrons of marketers who left no stone unturned in reaping benefits of the day. Soon declared a hold in the official statement by president Woodrow Wilson. Jarvis resented the whole situation which resulted in protests. But in vain to Jarvis’ efforts, Mother’s Day began revolutionising countries across the world with celebrations on various days allocated by the countries of the region.
However, in the packaging of the whole new dedicated celebratory modules, there started an urge to tap on the potential consumers vying to buy gifts, cards, flowers et al for the same.
The glorified day, even today is a result of the branding. With the hashtags flooding social media over Internet, restaurants, spas, travel companies splurging their efforts to sell coupons, coaxing consumers with vouchers, discounts and added incentives of purchase of products only makes this day to be among top holidays to rake in profits in the market.
Videos doing rounds of celebrations, and teaching the generation to value their mothers, different modulus operandi are infectiously hitting the right chord with audiences.
This, the modern age celebrations, which began in time with culmination of the Internet when started in America, continues it sting on various countries of the world.
The second Sunday of May every year is celebrated as Mother’s Day, as Indians we find it astonishingly satisfying to dedicate a day to our mothers whose world revolves around her children 365 days of the year. With offerings like cards and flowers we feel this will bring a smile to our mothers. Well it does, but without knowing the crux to any situation or the relevance of a certain day, is it necessary to buy in adapting the western culture?
Since always mothers are the most celebrated persons of our lives.
Just signifying the love with commencement of a holiday to declare what you feel for her will make no difference in your relation. The nuances of everyday life of a mother with her children is what makes the celebration of having a mother so grandeur.
Go ahead, celebrate your mother by spending time with her, buying her expensive gifts or materialistic expressions will not be as satisfying as a rejuvenating day spent with her.

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