The Needy Man

Posted by Anjali Aggarwal
May 11, 2017

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In a big city like Delhi where each and everyone is rushing from there houses to office to college to coaching centres and what not!

Even i am in my 2nd year of college and was coming back home from metro after a hectic day when just at the exit of the metro door i saw a man crying he was almost 50 plus in age and was looking really worried. I was about to go to the bus stop nearby when he stopped me …for a moment i thought what does he want as in a city like Delhi you cannot trust for a needle on anyone .. I was little scared and asked him what is it? The man then told me that he has came from noida and he was here to come meet someone for his work at the DMS.

But when he was done meeting with person he took a rickshaw from there to metro and unfortunately the richshaw took his wallet and essentials with him and now he do not have the money to go back home.

At first i thought that he is lying and try to trap me in so i started walking but with heavy eyes which were now swollen because of crying he said,” please beta humanity ki khatir mujhe bas noida jane ke liye ek token dilwa do mera sara saman wo richshaw wala le gaya please beta” this statement got me frozen and when i looked into his eyes he was seeing as i was his only hope. Then what got into me i dont know i immediately took 50 bucks out and gave him after that i simply thought either it will help a needy man or i will be fooled by some fraudster.

Right when i gave him the money he put his shaking hand on my head saying god bless you beta and that hope fulfilled. After that i felt it doesnt matter what people are and are not worthy of its just sometimes when ypu dont think from ypur brain the logical part but just from you emotional part i.e. your heart.

All i wanna say after such incident is we should help people not get fooled but help the needy one. What if instead of that man you were stuck?

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