The ongoing Melodrama in Society

Posted by Yash Pradhan
May 30, 2017

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Well, I came across to an article punlished by some famous proclaimed writer about “why I don’t feel safe in India”.

Well for starters it is not new to see some or the other article displaying same or inline approach related to blaiming of one religion and victamising the other one.

But the question is it really the picture or we are missing something ?

Let me focus you on some of the recent facts for better understanding.

1) A calf was slaughtered in broad day light by some Youth Congress Worker in Kerala as a symbol of protest against new notification of Central Government, Protesting is not bad but why calf was slaughter and not a Buffalo or a Pig? (Cruelty against any animal is not appreciable at all)

2) All the political parties expect the ruiling party considered one sect of people more people then other majority living people , question here is not “why them” but this ideology is still in our mindset.

3) Majority sect is waiting for Supreme Court to build the most important temple of their most followed god while minority is cutting cow against a notification that is inspire by Supreme Court Judgement.

Question is not about blaiming the other one but about blaiming the mindset that make them feel that they are being appeased while on a broader picture the scenario is other way around but lets leave that ideology and be a good citizen .

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