the sixth anniversary of syria war

Posted by Sadaan ahmad khan
May 30, 2017

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Why is every victory in war built on the death of innocent people? What is their fault? Across the world, it rains water. In Syria, it rains bombs. Damascus, Aleppo, Khan Shaykhun, Ghouta and other Syrian cities are at the receiving end of such ‘rain’.  As a result, people feel safer at the frontlines as compared to their homes, schools or hospitals, which are mostly targeted by the Assad regime and Russia. As the Syrian conflict enters its seventh year and situation is no longer behind the curtains. Millions of people lost their life, millions of people internally displaced, millions of people trapped in besieged areas and millions of people are living in hard to reach areas.

The bloodshed in Syria began when the 13-years boy, a resident of the small Syrian town of Daraa, who was tortured by the Assad’s  force, who put up anti-government slogan (THE GOVERNMENT MUST GO) on their school building.This atrocity of  President Assad responded by the pro-democracy protestor which quickly spread across the country. As Assad’s military forces perpetually strike down on pro-democracy protestors, a number of regime soldiers started to splitting from the government to strike attacks against them. As a small fire turning into a conflagration, the United Nations notified Syria is on the edge of a civil war and alarmed for rapid action.

The foreign intervention also plays the vital in the Syria’s civil war. The involvement of United state since 2014 and Russia since 2015 making the condition worst in Syria. In the name of elimination of the Islamic state, Syria becomes new weapon testing around. According to the Syria Observatory For Human Rights(SOHR), till April 2017, 94,175 civilians has been killed so far.Today beautiful streets of Syria are converted into the graveyard, people are living on the edge of life.

This is not the war against terrorism but this is the war against humanity. Bombs of USA and Russia are not killing the terrorism but the truth is they are helping to raise the terrorism.Everyone is suffering from this war, no-one is spared, not even a month old child or a 100 years old elder. Many families lost their loved ones due to war. An impact of this war is heart-wrenching which is clearly shown in in videos shown on social media platform. the cries of small children, tears of elderly and moreover the fear of death in every teary eye is the result of war. whole cities which were once the center of hustle bustle now reminds us of the graveyard which is made of bodies buried in rubble. these are the immediate effects of the war, but we should not forget the long-term effects, which is the fuel for hatred against pro-Syrian government supporters.

Today Syrians need humanitarian aid, they also seek protection, which can only be assured by stopping of barbaric killing of civilians in Syria by the Assad regime and Russia. The world authorities should take serious steps to stop and control the Syria conflict. This war is one of the worst war after world war 2. used of a chemical weapon and deadly missile in civilized are the act of brutality. The United Nation should ban the use of a deadly weapon which affecting life Syrians. The USA and Russia should the signed ceased fire, to stop atrocities. .The whole world should unite to build Syria again

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