The Yashodharas whom we should wish ‘A Happy Mother’s day’….

May 14, 2017

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Well, this is my first write up after a long time. Hence I thought I will begin with the woman who inspired and changed all our lives… our heroine is an ordinary village girl and got married to a man of pure heart just as she is… her husband changed her original name to Saraswathy since he felt she must give education to their kids. Her life was very happy with her husband who was working as a teacher. They were blessed with three daughters and expecting their fourth child. Her husband used to say we must educate our daughters and neither he didn’t regret being the father of girls. One fine sunny morning in the month of March he met with an accident and died on the spot while returning to home after dropping his two daughters to school and on the same day evening Saraswathy gave birth to her fourth child who was also a girl. Shackled on hearing the loss, she changed herself and renowned everything just by wearing a White sari and took the oath to live for her four daughters. She made up her mind to fulfill her husband’s dream of educating their daughters. Life was the hardest for a 26 years old widow with four girls who were from 8 to days old baby. She faced immense struggles. Being alone and with the monthly pension of her husband, she made them study thereby slowly laying the foundation for a happy life of her future generations. Even her daughters realized their mother’s struggle and Saraswathy didn’t go and beg at her brothers or became a burden to anyone. She didn’t sit in a corner; she instead rose up like a phoenix. She made her daughters study and now her four daughters are in good position solely with the education and courage of their mother. This women’s story is an inspiration to me and I used to think how much struggle she could have faced and how much humiliation. Even now if you see this woman she is the most beautiful 76 years lady draped in a white sari with love and charming in her face and lots of mental strength and the same courage. She didn’t think of killing herself when she faced the biggest blow nor she didn’t weep in a corner when her soul left. She stood alone fought the odds. Now she made her daughters settle and each one is standing on their own legs with good positions in their career and waiting for her 5 grandchildren to hug and kiss her. And I used to seek her advice as a married girl for small struggles and hardships I face every day and her advice and the way of her thoughts makes me think is Aachima (grandmother) really 76 years old? or is she a lady younger than me? If this woman could have thought anything in negative neither of we five cousins nor our four mothers would not have bloomed like flowers in Aachima’s garden. Aachima decided that we should be the flowers not the weed and paved way for the happier future generation. And this loveliest lady of mine always reminds me of my one and only favorite woman character Yashodhara, the wife of Gautama Buddha who said, “A woman alone does not need anyone to complete her. She is complete on her own.” My grandmother is living and making herself complete. I always think of her whenever I face any hardships and whenever I feel like giving up… I dedicate this story of hers to lots of woman and mothers who are making themselves complete and make lots of beautiful flowers bloom in their garden. Wishing you all a Happy Mother’s day

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