Top 5 realities of college life

Posted by Yatmanyu Rawat
May 26, 2017

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Caution: If you’re expecting college life to be easy, it is, if only you have full attendance, internship, marks, full understanding of the syllabus etc. Today I’m gonna talk about the top 5 realities of college life that aim to clarify the cliched opinion of school students about colleges.

1) ‘College me to kuch padhai hi nai hai boss.’ : Congratulations,  you played yourself. This is the biggest lie ever in a student’s life, who’s gonna attend college soon. This is a big lie. There’s a lot of studying and extracurricular activities going on in the college, and most students can feel the syllabus tsunami coming the first day itself. If you’re doing law or English honors, well, damn.

2) “Yaar college me to mast bunk karenge classes.”: If you’re new to college life, you will be thinking of bunking hell lot of classes. Sure, go ahead. Why not bunk classes when no one’s there to stop you? Well, here’s your answer to it. Cuz attendance, thank me later. Bunk ten classes and you’ll find yourself struggling with grade cuts, inability to understand what was taught, missing extracurricular activities, class discussion grading, life etc.

3) “Maine to literature, dance, debate, drama saare clubs me part Lena hai”:   I know you’re very much inspired after watching all those nukkad nataks and dance performances on various fests. You want to join these societies, excellent. But 70% of the students end up leaving these societies within a month. Why? Because it’s extremely difficult to manage studies with the hefty work load of these societies. Not everyone is willing to stay back after college for hours, to focus on these clubs.

4) “Bas aab internship karunga atleast 5-6 thousand ki achhi se company ke sath”: Stop right there. Don’t even think about it. Don’t want to brag about myself , but I had registered for various internships with a score of 88% in resume and still got rejected 9 times in a row. I thought of working with the top companies and didn’t even manage to get selected by the least popular ones. Internships are hard and time consuming. You have to dedicate alot of time and efforts, or you need known people or connections to score  a good internship.

5) “I’m gonna party, eat, explore places, live life king size!”: To be honest my friend, you’ll end up broke halfway through the month. Don’t have high expectations. If you manage to save a couple of bucks till the last day of the month, do share the ultimate secret of saving money. I’ll write about it too.

Ultimately, college is fun in numerous ways and difficult too. At the end of the day, experiences differ. Jk, what I said is true so believe it. Thankyou.

All memes were edited by me. The hardwork I do, Jesus.

Peace out. 


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