Untouchability Still A Curse To India?

Posted by Vimal Sharma
May 10, 2017

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“Caste Is the state of mind. It is a disease of mind. The teachings of the Hindu religion are the root cause of this disease. We practice casteism and we observe UNTOUCHABILITY because we are enjoined to do so by the Hindu religion.” – B.R. Ambedkar. I wonder why Ambedkar uttered these word for the Religion which is majorly followed in India and he being himself a Hindu. While thinking this I opened up the Wikipedia page of him at read about his whole life and at that time I came to know that at his later life he changed himself to Buddhism. Yes, one would to that when you face so much discrimination at each and ever step of your life and you have to suffer to do something but you aren’t allowed to do just because you are from the lower caste of the society.
Let me utter some thing which happened with me. My younger brother was about to leave home for his first job and I was asked to go and out weather some one unsuspicious thing happening or coming towards our home. Being orderd I had to stop him from going out as a widow was coming, but I was scolded. I was shocked why? Answer was a Scavenger just passed by and he is considered auspicious in that task. After this thing happened I was wondering the person who is not even allowed to enter our house is how come can be auspicious to start a work in the life if he comes first person we see while moving for that job.
Well, hypocrisy I would say. The Hinduism is filled with of hypocrisy. These scavengers or the lower caste people are not allowed inside of our home but considered auspicious. Let these lower caste people be happy for this. Cheers!!!
A recent survey says that our generation too follows this caste system and untouchability because their family does so. Yes! It is obvious to follow them. When a being right form the childhood is said that those people are bad, he/she won’t even consider going near the lower caste people.
By this I don’t know about my ancestors but I have changed my mentality and I consider each and every citizen of India as my brother and will always try to shut the mouths of the hypocrites. And if we want to see a change and make India a great country then we can only become great when there will be equality among ourselves.

Vimal Kumar Sharma
Graphic Designer
Erode, Tamil Nadu.

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