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Posted by Rash roshan
May 20, 2017

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  • Growing up towards dream.
    A morning not so good. when u are all sweating because of power cuts.. that more 5 minutes sleep seems to be an punishment. and there I started pondering about my thoughts an article I read before I slept or an subconscious dream which made me aware that yes I am growing towards my dream ..
    Every person is born in a family to be bonded by biological and emotional bonds. which is shedded or gets stronger by time. time it’s to quick to fly away . quite soon all are grownup to move towards those dream .
    They seek for new experiences ,to explore around, to be a part of best be it institute,education center , working place or a dream to have ones own house to experience nature at its best .
    so do I tried a new shoes, to explore around . thou I was too cautious to step out making sure of every pro’s and con’s after all I am yet in my mid 20’s a lot to do .
    And here I read something which embarked me. yes it seems Like I am no where. my friend’s are married few are placed in best of the institutes as a success to few on a way for their career strife being a part of top most college. my ex is happy falling in for new life. my friends are busy with their future plans.. in between I expect, I fight ,I cry. and yet I live. probably a story of every youths life ..
    all I have being told is destiny would lead u does it really ?. I agree .. then I disagree but best part is I. can conqour my own destiny .. thou have those messy buns tied up tight . to missing family function. to make a Habit of hearing ” badde log” but yes they are right I am on my way to be one. so working hard, facing world, being carefree , being responsible, count on time loosing sleeps ohhh here i am growing up toward my dream.

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