what happen when i say yes to marriage.

Posted by Isha khanna
May 19, 2017

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Hey m writing about what girls thought about marriage. and what happen to my dear friend when she say yes to marriage.yaa many girls, woman already write about it already , but i want to write so i am writing it. so we living in karnal dist of haryana. she is jatt and i am punjabi. but still we are best friends. and what matter  where you belong only thing matter is how nice person is .so we do graduation . And now i am doing a job, and she stay on home, because her parents not allowed her to do job. so her parents convence her to do marriage. and she agreed after long fight of not to do marriage. so first person who come to see her for arrange marriage , be the way this concept of arrange marriage i cannot understand. only one meeting how can you judge in one meeting or two or three meeting. its your life decision, how can you take so early . btw he reject her  because she is not fair, okk and then second person come and again reject her because she litlle fat, really still this thinks matter, very bad, how can you reject any body , she feel so bad for herself, and her self confidence go down. but her parents still trying, one boy supposed   to come one  day, on that day in that boy relations some body death happen. so they not come, and over they said to her parents that your daughter is unlucky for us,  really ,,,, who still  believe on this . who give you right to say some body unlucky or bad , how  old thinking this is.she was totally broken, helpless, i called her and she told me this. and she want to kill herself, it was very difficult for me to handle the situation that time. i say to her relax and listen to me think yar , if he came and all thing go well before marriage , but after marriage  anything happen to him or his family , he will blame you, hurt you all over life, if he insult you like this before marriage and before every thing gone finalist. think what will he do if you got married to him. so she little convinced, but now my question is why this arrange marriage format is so weird. why this old concept still  going on. and is still matter to you that your would be spouse is black or fair, rich or poor , fat or flat. i think that spouse should be good friend of yours, understand you and support you ,backbone of yours, it did not matter , The person is black or fair, or flat or fat. person should be good human being first.

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