What is it that we as Indians are collectively doing wrong?

Posted by debaleena chowdhury
May 29, 2017

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“I’m not a feminist with thoughts for radical change, nor am I chauvinist with narrow minded ideologies.. I’m just a silent observer like the billion other Indians who waits for someone else to start a revolution” – Self


The word in itself holds so much weight..

“Mera Bharat mahan”

The slogan in itself hold so much integrity..

But what about Indian or Bharatiya??

Do we have that valuation or Integrity??

Sadly “NO” we do not have the right to be called a part of this ancient civilization of India.


  • A country known for its diverse religious practice since before the time of Mauryas and Mughals, has Hindus and Muslims fighting over lands, rituals and idiotic sense of pride.


Because each one of us think that my Religion is better.

  • A country known for worshiping women as Goddess, has them beaten ,raped and degraded in the name of power, dominance and customs.


Because , these days it is the girl’s fault for instigating and provoking the men. Because it is the girl’s job to bend, compromise and be degraded.

  • A country which produced Satyawadi Raja Harishchandra and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, has the largest black money offshore Swiss account Holders in the world.


Because paying tax is a waste of my hard earned money. Many of us consider extortion and bribery as hard earned money too!! Why pay them to the Government, if I can hide it.

  • A country that produces largest number of doctors and engineers also is the country that has more than half the population below poverty line.


Because education system is yet to reach 35% of the country.

Because awareness about the importance of knowledge is not reaching them. Because we, the doctors and engineers are too busy learning and earning to spend time for free amidst the darker and illiterate parts of the country.

  • A country that houses the most expensive home in the world (Antilla, Mumbai – USD 1 Billion) is also the home to the largest slum in the world (Dharavi, Mumbai)


Because we like our life in the unhygenic Jhoparpatti. We are saving the money for our children.

Because we like to spend the money on the locally fermented wine available just adjacent to the the area police station.

  • A country that is the home to some of the best known child prodigies like Tathagat Tulsi, Kautilya Pandit and Akrit Jaiswal is also the home to one of the largest batch of child labors.


Because even though we preach against child labor, we all at some point had someone below 18 working somewhere near or at our place yet we never protested.

  • A country known for Equality has Gender and Caste bias at every step of the way.


A Dalit’s son scoring cent percent makes into the news. We have this bullshit invisible radar that pops up once in awhile to differentiate between us. We still have separate vessels at home for the servants, drivers and gardeners. Because they are below us.

  • Nirbhaya’s Rape was a national news but how many of you know about the Gurgaon pizza boy’s rape where a 24 yrs old male was raped & left for dead by 6 Engineering girls??

We fight against discrimination yet male rape is laughed at and house husband called a joker”

  • A country that boasts of Unity in diversity has a spectacular golden section called, “The Seven sisters of the North East” which we often do not even consider as apart of India.


North Eastern Indians accounts for some of the most talented and educated people of the country. The spectacularly pristine and clean states of NE India are worth being role models for the rest of the country. The organic farming, matriarch society, promotion of hygiene and education are just a few aspects of this part of the nation.

and what do we do? Refer to them as Chinkies/Nepalese/Chinese and laugh about it.

  • A country known for being the largest democracy is also the country known for the largest scams and corruptions


We vote and elect the most corrupt politician and wail and cry about it. But we do not have the guts to stand up and fight ourselves. We love being the spectators rather than the leaders.

  • A country known for producing Mary Kom, Sania Mirza and Saina Nehwal is also the one known for ridiculing them.


A women who surpasses legends like Bhupati and Peas and has titles in both ATP and WTA is told not to wear skirt during matches. During IPL matches we love to sit in those sections where the cheerleaders are the closest.

Short skirts and dresses are signs of being provocateurs of ill thoughts and immoral ideas.




The list what we are doing wrong is endless and the solution is far fetched idea.

I’m not finding faults and trying to prove a point.. I’m just saying that these are the things that Me, You and rest of the so called Well versed Indian Society is Seeing, Following and Doing wrong.

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