What they share isn’t what they believe

Posted by Mohana Choudhuri
May 18, 2017

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No. of hypocrites is increasing day by day in social networking websites.  Some videos and post are going viral in social networking websites. Most of the videos want to say something about the injustice or the wrong thoughts in our society on girls. One thing I want to utter clearly. I don’t have any objection against of making these videos or posts or write ups or anything relevant staffs. I am just getting offended on this matter that the people shared these staffs do not actually believe it. It is nothing but upgrading their social impression. It is nothing except showing others how much they are progressive!!

Okay!! You may think I am talking such a thing that does not make any sense. Let’s pick up a recent video which is going viral in few months. https://www.facebook.com/stirredup.co/videos/278948465844073/ In this video we see a girl is protesting loudly against the odd thoughts about the girls. She told the scary things guys think about girls. I like to mention the quotes from this video. “Vaginas only meant to be fucked and breasts only meant to be sucked!!” The post has shared for 500000 times and got 327000 positive reactions in Facebook. The guys and girls who shared it, can anyone of them tell any other utilisation of the vagina and breasts of a woman? They cannot, because they don’t know it. If vaginas are not fucked and breasts are not sucked then how will the guys be able to continue their sexual activities with their girlfriends or wives? Bitter but true.

In case of marital rape, how many of the progressive guys ask their wives before they wants to make love with her? Fine! If they don’t or if they ignore the women’s not permitting them and continue the sex, and then they also are engaged in marital rape.

Now I have come to that so called hot topic, menstruation, simply known as women’s period. It has become probably the most popular topic shared in social networking sites. The posts are such as “Girls’ are not allowed to temple during their periods and etc.” I would like to request to a guy to raise his hands to say that has he ever been interested to know the actual scenario (except the curiosity of hearing the term ‘period’) from his mother, his sister, his friend and his girlfriend when they are going through their periods? The physical changes, the uneasiness, the pain (which becomes sometimes unbearable), the panic of seeing the marks of blood on their cloths all these things are carried by a women from the age of twelve forty five (more or less). They have to continue it almost forty years, because they don’t have any choice except bleeding in every month. This is menstruation. Even if a woman who doesn’t want to be a mother, she also has to go through this.

So sharing posts with fake sympathy or sharing something which one doesn’t agree with any social taboo (here I mention only one, that is, taboos on girls) must be stopped. It is the high time to unmask all those hypocrite people. At least we don’t have to deal with a wrong perception that so many people are progressive in our society.

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