What’s It Like Being A Social Entrepreneur? This CEO Has The Answer For You

I had been volunteering with various youth organisations in my school and college days. During this period, I realised that many of my friends also wanted to volunteer and work with various organisations for different causes. However, due to time constraints and the challenge of travelling from one place to the other, it was difficult for them to be involved in these activities, along with their studies and other extra-curricular activities.

On the other hand, I saw many grassroots-development organisations facing major challenges with basic technological requirements – a decent website, good quality content for blogs and active social media engagement. Many of them also required mobile-app-based interventions to increase and scale up their impacts.

Aashish Beergi, Co-Founder and CEO, MASH Global

MASH Project started as an idea while I was attending the UNESCO Youth Forum in Paris in 2013, where one of the workshops focused on how young people can use mobile apps as a platform to make a social impact. This got me excited, and I started thinking about various ways in which young people could remotely/virtually volunteer to create mobile apps. These call for expertise not only in technological matters, but also in other areas like research, designing, content writing and social media marketing.

I believe that it’s difficult to convince your family and friends when you start doing something that’s not conventional or is not related to mainstream careers.

The most important thing in such a journey is your belief in your own self. I’ve had many challenges during this course, and it’s the self-confidence which has kept me going!

I think that once you’re confident about what you want to do, and do it regardless of all the challenges, the people around you will also start believing in you. One must know that it will take time and you need to have a strong perseverance.

Aashish at Young India Challenge

It has been a real pleasure working with Human Circle since its early days. The energy and zeal that Kamal, Wioleta and the whole team brings together is amazing! In fact, I have learnt a lot while working with Human Circle and it has also been a great partnership with MASH Project.

In a country of a billion people, with over a trillion dreams, we need passionate young people who are committed to turning their dreams into reality. We need platforms where these young people can come together, meet like-minded people, be inspired and work together to create a community that continues to empower more people around them. I draw a lot of inspiration from the #DoWhatYouLove movement and am very excited to see it growing and touching the lives of so many people.

I think the biggest inspiration to be a part of #DoWhatYouLove has been the cause and intent behind it. I personally have gone through an experience where I felt the need to be a part of community which believes in you and supports you in your journey to follow your dreams and turn your passion into a profession.

Other reasons for being inspired are the people behind the movement and people I met during this movement. Personally speaking, I have learnt a lot by being part of the various programmes. I look forward to being much more involved with it.

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