What’s wrong with Visveswaraya Tech. University?

Posted by Mohammed Faisal
May 14, 2017

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The Premier University responsible for 5 lac Engineering students in Karnataka has been acting extremely irresponsible for the past half a decade for a ton of reasons. The university acting out of Belagavi, its HQ has been going through gross mismanagement risking lives of hundreds and thousands of students.

  1. Delay in publishing of Results- The university generally delays the publishing of results due to an ineffective system often taking 3-4 months to publish the result after they conduct the examination. Students who’ve failed in papers struggle to write supplementary due to shortage of time. For example- The results for the odd semester batch exams conducted in Dec 2016- Jan 2017 haven’t been announced in May 2017 when the Even Semester exams are about to begin.

Also, the revaluation system of papers is found extremely unfair to the students so that teachers are dozed off additional load.

  1. Outdated Syllabus- The syllabus followed by the University is massively theoretical and teaches system that were followed in the 1990s regardless of which stream. For example, the whole Computer Science B.E. graduation doesn’t include a single paper on Android or iOS Development for starters. VTU over the years has resulted in producing untrained freshers for employment. Companies spend months training fresher employees from Point Zero to fit them in the corporate world.
  2. Unclear Marking System- The marking system has been critiqued over the years as it follows the Marks system instead of grades which is the accepted world over.
  3. Controversial Year Back System- The University has a year back system where in students who haven’t cleared a single paper of the previous year are not promoted to the following year leading to students losing a complete year of their valuable youth. Although this system has been temporarily suspended mid-year, students were asked to directly write exams without even attending classes. The time table for the exams was faultily set resulting in break-less exams for the ailing students

The students have time and again come out in protests for the various reasons mentioned above as authorities remain quiet on the issues. The University is responsible for educating majority of the Silicon City’s technical graduates but has been massively inept in managing the affairs of the University causing serious trauma to the students

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