when you first get Committed – it’s not your parents but friends who are most possessive

Posted by karan agrawal
May 28, 2017

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The atmosphere was quaintly quiet. The breeze was as warm as snug in a rug and your cupid was fervently ready to launch the arrow from the bow. You were jolly. The reason for which you even didn’t know. There was something good about the air, may be the tinge of positivity that made you think “dude!! everything would be fine. I would be fine. Things would be fine”. Happiness prevailed. Even after sleeping late at night, you woke up early just to feel the beam of light that would travel from phone to brain, which was continuously releasing the oxytocin galore and adrenalin profusely. You suddenly became so much concerned about your dressing sense that seemed incomplete without the arousing fragrance about which you had learned from the advertisements. The camaraderie between you and social media instantly grew and cell phone was your new ATM, secured and available 24*7. Unlike you, everybody knew you were in love.

Spending most of your time outside the house, you have very less time to spend with your parents. You talk to them less than your friends and most of the times you are with friends. Even if your parents sensed your aberrant behaviour you easily deluded them but it was very hard to do the same with the friends. Our parents, usually, are not very vocal on our affairs, neglecting as much as they could. Fooling siblings was easy. You were caught but bribing them was easy, sometimes blackmailing did work. Like the smoke alarm, your friends were the first one to detect the fumes, chirping all over your gang. Though they were happy, the feeling of possessiveness subdued them. This could easily be seen in their conversations and tonality. Neither they wanted to loose their friend with whom they now couldn’t spend their weekends and with whom they used to make some unprecedented plans nor you. Even you were apprehensive how would you manage time by satisfying both of them. From “you are a changed man” to “you don’t have time for us” made you feel even more remorseful, but the heart was not in your favour.

Their concerns grew as the time passes with the change of their behaviour. Even if you don’t want to miss any of the outings with them, you would miss just because you had a fight with her, she didn’t want to go with them or she had already planned something before. Sometimes it was even a big problem when you couldn’t join them just because money was constrained as you wanted to buy a new dress for her’s birthday. Sacrifice was a part of love, but at the expense of your friendship was abysmal. Unconsciously the bond between you and your friends was not as it had been before. The moment you realised it, you started making efforts to restore it by making both parties comfortable with each other and rest is your present.

Your friends always want you to be happy but they too have their insecurities. They too don’t want to loose you. Apart from making efforts to woo your girlfriend, make some efforts to be with them too because they are the people with whom you took your first relationship advice, they are the people with whom you shared your shirt, jeans, and even your hand-wash, and they are the one who knows your ups and downs. The bond that should grow stronger with time shouldn’t get weaker. The brotherhood is to be cherished and commemorated. It needs your attention because every relationship, like a sapling, demands efforts. Efforts to make it as strong as a trunk to bear the fruits of happiness, togetherness and madness.

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