Whether Philosophy is really important in our life to achieve success ?

Posted by Mohd Imran
May 14, 2017

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We all must have read stories of one or the other successful men and women. What is common in the story of every successful men? I found philosophy.  Yes it is “Philosophy”.

In the age of global communication, social networking and Internet  we have almost lost the interest in real fuel of our soul.

Just as food is necessary to nourish our body.  Philosophy is equally important for the peace of mind and soul. Why do we read motivational stories when we are depressed ? Why do we listen to the stories of poor people who changed the world by their hard work and dedication ?

Whether listening these stories really works ?

Yes it works. From Gandhi to Bill Gates.  Everyone have gone through the philosophy of life.

Philosophy is important because it teaches us the way of living life. A life like a human being with human dignity and not mere animal existence.

Discipline is one of such things. Being a hostler I know how youth of this generation live. Unnecessary chats with persons we never met, curious to see each notification as soon as possible, ignoring to talk people around us and waking up late are some common things for all of us.

We need to bring discipline in our life. Whether discipline is punishment? No, its not.


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