Who is responsible for rafseena’s death?

Posted by Thasni Salim
May 18, 2017

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The media in India looks for something ‘so called’ humane or human interst stories, that brings an emotion or sentiments in readers mind.  The examination season is the shoal time for media. Because the readers always prefer something like success from mud houses or ground level.

Rafseena is the victim of such practices happening around us. Rafseena who lived in a colony in the district of Kannur.  And she made a wonderful success in Kerala state Higher Secondary Examination. She scored 1180 out of 1200. She lived in a single room house with her mother and the father left her in her early childhood.  A newspaper published herl ife  story without her consent. Its unbearable for a girl like Rafseena who never want to recieve any favours.

Her mother saw her body hanged in the roofs of her single room house. Later they got a letter from Rafseena saying that “It is my life and I want no one to interfere in my life”. 

Rafseena was a proud girl.  She never wanted to bring her life before the public and she never asked for any favours either from public or from her friends. She always wanted to become a doctor and worked hard for it. Her teachers remember the girl who was so proud of herself and her death is still unbelievable for all those who know her.

The minimum ethical values  In media has gotten lost these days. They want something colourful and even forget to think the emotions of the people whom te news is directly affected.  During independence era the media was a tool that work for the emotions of the public but now they play with the emotions of the public.

Dear Rafseena,  Sorry my dear. We are responsible for your death.

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