Why are we Unable to glorify our mothers throughout our life

Posted by Akmal Wasim
May 21, 2017

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I saw multitude of posts and a plethora of emotions flooding social media from the very morning of mother’s day. This brought a person like me to ponder over a very basic question floating in the air for centuries and eons. “Do I love my mother….and if I do why do I have to post it on the world’s wall?”.  I did not get any reply. Instead it snapped me from within. Has the stroll of life taken a toll on us? Are we needed to be reminded about our parents? How can we act as if we do not feel?

Among st the innumerable weird running thoughts, a flash occurred. I wanted to thank mummy.

When I see the face rugged with wear and tear of time and wrinkled hands, I couldn’t thank her. Despite multiple alarms, when I couldn’t wake up before her , I couldn’t thank her. When she even came to know about my meals skipped in office, I couldn’t thank her.

I have been a part of big family blessed with five daughters. My parents are of highest conviction that education is the best companion that stays with anybody for the whole life even when he has lost everything by his side. Going against all odds, they not only educated all of us but also brought us up in high self-esteem. I being the last sibling, was not a part of harsh times, time imposed on us. I have been recited the heroics of our mother umpteenth times by my sisters. How she stood by my father in carrying the family forward.

And every story that added a feather in the cap of reverence of my mother, I couldn’t thank her.

This brought me to a very important conclusion which was you can never thank your mother. No day, no words or stream of emotions can do justice for the word mother.

So I changed my mind and decided not to thank the greatest blessing of my life. Instead, I now wished to apologize to her .

Apologize about the countless sleepless nights she spent for me even now worrying about petty things. Apologize for not reciprocating the same love that she showered upon me. It sounds so whimsical to know that it has become hard for us to love the person who loves us the most, above all only beings whose love is guaranteed despite knowing that we are most unfit for love, for sure. I have demanded, commanded and asked in the most rude tone to my mother. But, she replied in the most humble way making us reach out to her unconditional love.

Women,specially mothers overflow when they are loved back. They are an analogy to water. On one hand, hold the strength of rock in their condensed form and re-shape magnanimously when allowed to flow, on the other. You don’t have to repay the love as it has exactly reached you makes it even more beautiful.

Let us not lower the dignity of the most unsung hero of the family by sanctioning a day to  it. We need to glorify our mothers throughout our life, each day. We cannot forget the most concerned and caring person of our life. Remember she is not a duty to fulfill but an asset to be glorified, dignified and most importantly loved.

She has been a single parent for almost an year now after my father expired and I have never felt my father is not around.

Such are MOTHERS. Let us all love them. They are the most deserving and qualifying candidates for our love.

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