why can’t we really afford to hate Politics?

Posted by muskan nagpal
May 17, 2017

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I love interacting with people. Discussing with people about different ideas have always been something that I am really interested to do. But it really hurts me when I get to know that people have lost their interest in politics. I agree on the fact that everybody has their own liking and choices. But people who hate politics should definitely not complain about the real state of politics. Believe me when you say ‘I hate Politics’, You MOCK democracy and all rights it render. I believe our country can fight terrorism & corruption but it definitely cannot fight youngsters who say “Dude! I hate Politics. Look at Kejriwal What he is doing.”

Remember YOU are equally responsible for worsening the state of Politics. The reason why state of Politics is THIS today is that many GOOD & EDUCATED People Like YOU didn’t take interest in politics, they didn’t take the position they were entitled to and they didn’t take the chair they were entitled to. So, somebody has to take the position and gradually it was taken up by some bad people and result is today what we see Scams, Riots etc etc.

We really need to understand that after this we have to take up the position, WE ARE THE FUTURE!! So do you really think we can afford to hate politics? In nutshell let us forget what happened yesterday lets think about the future of Politics we want for  this country.



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