Why Shouldn’t youngsters debate over Politics?

Posted by HimaNshu Raj Jaiswal
May 11, 2017

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In india ppl turn 18 and think they can challenge the current form of government or the government itself. Little does they know that political system is not something which can be chosen overnight, it evolves through the history and requirement of any nation.

When ppl get a good government they demand moon overnight. Rather than just demanding, expecting and abusing the central government everytime learn to expect and raise voice against the state government too cause u have voted for them.
Despite being india a poor country Gujrat and the southern states is much developed, How? All because the then state government worked day-night to create the magnificent state it is now.State gov is more responsible for the current condition of india rather then the central gov.
It’s easy to spill ink and call dirty to a white and clean cloth rather than black and dirty one. We cry more against someone from whom we expect very much but don’t give a shit for dirty, corrupt person because we know there’s no good expecting anything from them because it’s better to accept them and move on, even the media accpet this fact and move on.
It’s easy to comment about politics and cry about how to bring change unless you became a politician(e. g. – kejri). Politics is like mud, where we adore the Lotus in it(power) on the other hand dislike and abuse the dirt and smell(dirty politics).

No Country is perfect, someone is trying to make it perfect let’s support him in the right way and remind him if and if he is going wrong.
You must raise your voice against injustic but before that do some study, get some stats about all the incidents and try to understand why we can’t
enforce the existing laws before
we create a monster.Afterall this is how democracy works, by creating pressure on government to go in correct path.
It’s not easy to keep all the 1.3B people happy with different ideas and demands even in a decade.
Remember what could happen if we let the country in weak hands(e. g. – Pak, Yaman and many more).
Rather than comparing ourselves to developed/fastly developing countries look at their history and what they had to give up for this development(e. g. – China).Will you be happy if you are imposed with those restrictions even in the name of development. Every country has different mindset and history stop comparing one with another.

All I’m saying is that the world functions very complex(look at how NSA works, China manipulating money articles) and we are too young to understand this politics, so rather than going into debate let’s read more and more to understand it and afterall there are people(like Balji Vishwanathan) who understand it very well and are heard and respected when they speak,so that we can comment about it at the right time.

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