why we don’t need religion.

Posted by Abhijeet
May 17, 2017

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Like many others, I also was wondering that why in this world we have lots of problem. These days everytime I browse any Social Networking Website I come across a set of problems which is directly or indirectly pertaining to Religion. For instance, Triple Talaq is the Talk of the town nowadays, I consider this practice as a sign of orthodox thinking of society. Another, Cow Vigilantism which is making a faction of society barbaric Day-after-Day. Sometimes we are provoked enough to kill anyone in the name of saving our Religion and culture. I condemn both of the practices and all such practices. I don’t want to plunge into discussion of its ins and outs. Instead, I want to come to the raison d’être of these practices and I think it is our Believe in any Religion that makes us do these Anti-nature, shameful and inhuman acts.
Why We Don’t Need a Religion.
While I hit the sack I often think about different matters depending what matter I been through that particular day so this time it is – RELIGION.
Right from our childhood we are fed with numerous stories about God and this has made us Blind Believer. No body knows where do god exist, where his abode is? Is he there in Vatican City or in Mecca-Madina or in Ayodhya, Dwarka, Vaishno devi or those huge Temples?
If he lives in Temples then what happens with them(Non-Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, jews etc.) who don’t worship him? Will they be punished for this. And if he lives in Mosques, and those who don’t worship him does he punish them? Does this happen in the other religions of the world as well?
And If answer is YES. why would he do this? Why a God, who we assume does only good to us, punish us for not worshipping him. Or, is he narcissistic who wants to be praised by his devotees.
And if answer is NO, then why are we are so apt to kill people from other communities, force ladies to be in veil and to put them in life destroying act of Triple-Talaq where no consent of lady is required to be estranged, and so on so forth.
All these problem occur only when we show needless overwhelming allegiance to our religion. Religion may not have as much flaws as their interpreter come up with. So better to take your rituals, which are inhumane and of no use, for granted. Don’t pay heed to them, don’t practice them. Because no god ever asks you to go to Temple, Mosque, Church, Gurudwara, etc. He asks you to worship but not in the form of Chanting Mantras or Singing Hymns standing Hand-Folded before him, Screaming out on Loudspeaker invoking God, Killing People in his name. Instead he expects from you that you do look after the Humanity you are gifted with, do nurture the Potential of growing advance that you are bestowed upon.
Do ponder over this as these words are mere words unless self-deliberation is done.

(These are completely my views. You may dissent).

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