Why We Fight Over Cow When Eventually We Have To Kill Them

Posted by Pinaak Kr
May 2, 2017

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If you think you know it all, give this a read.

You know there’s something wrong with you as a human when you save a life to torture it, sexually abuse it & use it for your own benefit.

Before you read this let me tell you one something.
If you are drinking milk than its 100% chance that they cow who gave you this milk is dead. Because if any Cow or Buffalo gives our milk she’ll die in a slaughter house thats for sure.

In this article I’m going to shed some light on the COMMON PRACTICES which our milk producing companies, doesn’t matter small or big performs to get milk from the animals.

First of all, how does this milk generates in the cows body. Like all mammels cows also produce milk only when they give birth to there calfs. Gestation period in cows varies from 279 to 283 days. The production levels peak at around 40 to 60 days after calving. Production declines steadily afterwards until milking is stopped at about 10 months, so to continue the process they make the cow conceive again just after 3 months. So lets imagine this with humans. If a woman is pregnant, after 9 months she delivers a baby. Just after 3 months again she’s pregnant & her body which is already exhausted & weak is preparing itself for another baby. Only married man might be able but I’m sure women will relate with this pain. Complications & pain in this process is unbearable.

Beef and milk are two sides of the same coin, especially in India where cattle and buffaloes are farmed primarily for milk.
So, why we are talking about this process here? Today people are murdering people in the name of protecting cows. According to Indian culture cows is our mother, but the way we deal with cow agenda outside the dairy farms are way different than inside it.

So let’s see what are the common practices which our dairy workers use to get milk.
– The dairy system inflicts suffering at every stage, starting with the calving process, for milk comes from a cow or a buffalo that has calved recently. For dairy farming to be financially viable, animals are made to calve at least once a year (for cows) and once in 15 months (for buffaloes). Calves, male and female, are separated or significantly restricted from accessing their mothers three to four days after birth. This separation is traumatic for both mother and calf, but leads to a 15-30 per cent increase in milk availability for humans.

-Most male calves are either sent for slaughter or let loose to starve. A limited number are used for breeding. Some are used as draught animals where they are subject to castration without anaesthesia, nose-roping, whipping and hard labour until they are old and weak. At that point, they are sent for slaughter or abandoned.

-The economic undesirability of male cattle is evident in the gender imbalance — 64.42 per cent female and 35.57 per cent male in cattle, and 85.18 per cent female and 14.8 per cent male in buffalo. The slaughter of male calves — whether intentional or incidental — is integral to milk production.

-Healthy females are kept alive for use in the dairy industry, which means a repeated cycle of impregnation, separation, painful milking, oxytocin shots and mastitis.
Oxytocin is a drug which can only be purchased on the prescription, although this is as common in this process as drinking water. Under no supervision, dairy farm workers inject them in cows & there are no precautions that they follow for these practices.

– Impregnation is increasingly being carried out through artificial insemination. India’s National Dairy Plan aims to use artificial insemination on at least 35 per cent of all fertile animals by the end of 2017. Artificial insemination involves extracting semen from selected bulls and forcibly placing it in restrained cows. This technology is popular because it is efficient, allows for selective breeding of high-yielding animals and reduces the need for males.

-Very often the semen derived from the bulls are forcibly placed inside cows vagina with bear hands. A person rub some soap on the hand & penetrates his hand inside cows uterus to complete the process. (Imagine the pain if it would have been done with your mother, sisiter or daughter.)

-Milk production starts to decline after three to four lactations (pregnancies). At this stage, cows and buffaloes are sold for slaughter through middlemen, or to a smaller farmer who will use them for an additional two to three lactations before selling them for slaughter or abandoning them. An infertile or unproductive animal shares the same fate, only much earlier. India’s world-beating output of 132.4 million tonnes of milk in 2012-13 would not have been possible if cattle and buffalo were taken care of for the entirety of their natural life-spans.

-Both qualitatively and quantitatively, a milch cow or buffalo has a worse life than an animal bred solely for meat.

-We may prefer to turn our eyes away from the connection between our individual acts of drinking our filter coffee or morning chai, and the cow or buffalo that produced the milk.

The logic, however, is clear: drinking milk causes as much suffering as eating meat, if not more. Indeed, milk involves more cruelty than meat does.

So here my question is for everyone including myself too.

Why are we playing this hypocrite game of fighting for cows and killing humans when eventually we’ll be killing them ourself?

If we say cow is our mother then could you tell me do you bump your whole hand inside your mothers vagina?

And let’s face it “Gau Raksha” is nothing but a politically influenced movement where no body give a damn about animals or cows all they want to do is to strengthen there vote bank.

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