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Working with a boss who enjoys defeating you

Posted by Aakansha Juneja
May 16, 2017

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We have often heard about managers making their employees sit for long hours and making them work, giving employees their own work and going out but have anyone heard about manager not giving work to her subordinate?

Little surprising but fact. Coming to the office every day and not having any work could be a good honeymoon period for some days but every day it becomes a frustration for the same employee. After, a period of time even an employee start feeling that personally he/she is not growing. One’s professional and personal growth is hampered in both ways. Colleagues start giving them a negative feeling which is not acceptable as they themselves know their caliber and passion for learning new things but what if they bump into such kind of manager or say wrong jobs? When asked for work they are told to wait. Wait for how many hours or we should say for how many days? And when asked again and again for work, they are been treated badly. Sitting at one place every day, staring at the laptop from morning to evening won’t help anyone to grow in life. Sometimes boss giving a lot of work train their employees how to handle such kind of bosses in future and also make them train of handling pressure and work and of course their personal life at the same time, which will force an employee to leave the job out of frustration due to heavy workload but have you ever seen someone leaving job because there is no workload, all they have to do is come to office and chat with people over social media as they don’t have any work to do, as all their manager says is wait for some days I will give you work.


What can be the reason not giving work to her employee? Why is she doing this for? All she do it being sweet on her employee’s face and then not picking up her phone when asking for work and then complaining about the same employee to her main boss who can screw anyone’s life for a while. Don’t you think the manager is quite witty and taking revenge of from this employee for an unknown reason? Praising beauty of the same employee and talking bad about her in front of the main boss is something not acceptable but what to do next?


Should this employee quit this job or should talk to someone senior and this sort out? Maybe her manager can be changed and she can also learn things and grow personally and professionally? Today, I would ask my reader’s for advice. Why would a 40-year-old lady try to do such things? Is she just jealous of the young kid and trying to harass her so that the employee out of frustration leaves the job? Litle surprising but based on real story. Would like to get feedback from my readers today.


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