yes, we fail as a society!

Posted by muskan nagpal
May 16, 2017

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Yet another day of 2017. I don’t know for what reason we celebrate International women day, International mothers day or may be national girl child day. I am glad I didn’t believe on these days. Glad I didn’t! Because the value of these days is just to put pictures on instagram or facebook with pouts, if not that then with some bagicha on forehead. For boys it may be just pictures of their wives or girlfriends, mothers. And then we have those same boys who will ask their fellow friend “Eh teri baju wali Item mast hai. Kya mast figure hai. Setting karwa na meri.” Yes, and then we have same bunch of people who will dance on songs like “Tandoori Murgi hoon gatkale saiyan alcohol se ” .  Girls, You are equally at fault! Because you are the one who dance to such tunes in movies and then some aunties will go to dj wale bhaiya to play this song for them so that they can dance. And now we have so called proud parents in our family gatherings who will ask their three year old son to sing songs of Honey Singh “Saanu dasde ki hai rate” and everyone will clap. Now many girls and boys will claim it to ‘oh ho! its just a little fun.’ This little fun of yours is amounting to Rapes and threats now. That day the father didn’t tell his son to harass a woman, it was just a little fun for him and when that son grew up listening to these derogatory lyrics and watching these idiotic movies, he held himself cool and thought its just being cool. Dude! Now a woman is being bashed like a tandoori murgi and here we are the so called condolences giver ” Hum kadi Ninda karte hain”. So what we are going to do now, is,we are going to hold a candle march somwhere in jantar mantar or India gate and after that will come back and watch  Munni badnaam, and dance on sheila jawan. Period!

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