YKA Update: Solving Bugs, A Curated Homepage, Post Recommendations And More

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May 12, 2017

We’ve just made some major changes to the Youth Ki Awaaz website. With growing content (more than a hundred of you publishing daily), we knew we had to create a better experience for you and improve our offerings a lot more. Over the last few weeks, we’ve worked on a few things that you should check out. Below is a list of the new key features:

  1. We’ve accelerated your website experience by distributing our content delivery even better to help you open and publish on the website a lot faster. With hundreds of you publishing daily, we realised that our publishing mechanism had to work a lot faster and you can now publish in seconds.
    Our publishing platform was undergoing some major changes and many of you emailed us about publishing issues. We’re delighted to inform that not only have we resolved these issues, we’ve accelerated the publishing process to help you publish faster.
  2. We’ve added a new “Recommend” option under every post on YKA for you to recommend your favourites to the rest of the YKA community. What happens when you recommend? Over the next few weeks we’ll be rolling out a section on our homepage to display the most recommended content based on our users’ choices – and once we have a sizeable number of recommendations flowing, your content will show up on the homepage based on the recommendations it gets.
  3. Many of you have been wanting to change your author photos on Youth Ki Awaaz but haven’t been able to due to its link with your social accounts. Well, we’ve now enabled independent profile uploads and you may change your author photo whenever you want.

The new homepage

Over the last few months, consistent feedback from you has helped us understand some of your key challenges while finding newer, better stories on the website. We’ve redesigned the homepage to serve you more content, with a lot more diversity and highlight the best, most powerful voices on Youth Ki Awaaz. Now check out stories from across the platform at a glance, and add your own.

We hope you enjoy the new changes and look forward to your feedback!

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