This 25-Year-Old Animal Rescuer Is Giving Home To Many

Posted by BitGiving
June 7, 2017

For 25 years now, the Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary in Chennai has been tending to abandoned and injured animals in the city. Run by the Theosophical Society in Besant Nagar, the clinic-cum-shelter over the years has also been ravaged by time and natural disasters like the Chennai floods and Cyclone Vardah.

And so now, the organisation has joined hands with animal activist Shravan Krishnan to raise funds to revamp the dispensary.

Shravan was in the news only last year for rescuing 4-month-old Bhadra who had been pushed off a building by 2 college students in Chennai. She had suffered fractures in her right leg and spine and Shravan had nursed her back to health after making sure that the offenders did not get away without a fair trial.

Having rescued snakes, black bucks, jackals, pangolins, spotted deer and hundreds of dogs and cats, Shravan is a wildlife activist. He has been working closely with animals since the age of 10 and has also been an active force in the turtle conservation community in Chennai.

When I started rescuing animals four to five years ago, I had to shell out around Rs 1,000 each time I took an animal to a private clinic. Also, many people just don’t know where to take an animal after rescuing them.
-Shravan Krishnan

Shravan aims to make the dispensary more accessible to the masses in an effort to encourage more people to be responsible for taking care of any injured animal they might find and to create a functional space capable of treating and holding these animals. It is a dilemma that he constantly faced while rescuing injured animals- where does one take them to heal?

Currently, the shelter has over 50 dogs and 10 cats. They are working to provide facilities like an emergency helpline no, an ambulance for animals, trained staff and a better Animal Birth Control (ABC) program. They wish to provide the best medical assistance possible for these animals. Join them to rebuild the dispensary and provide hundreds of animals the care they need!