3 Years Of MODI Government; Economy, Promises, Diversions & Media!

Posted by Saravanan H Shankar
June 19, 2017

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Recently the Modi Led BJP Government Completed 3 years at the Centre and the BJP celebrated a Grand MODIFest across several cities throughout the country highlighting Central Government’s Achievements in the past three years. But what exactly did the Modi Government celebrate when the entire country is up in shambles?

From a “war like” situation in Kashmir to farmer uprising in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, from the Jharkhand lynching to numerous Murders, Rapes and Incidents of Violence & riots in Uttar Pradesh (UP), from increasing number of railway accidents to a constantly failing foreign policy, the list of negatives goes on and on.

The Country has just Lost the tag of the fastest growing economy (6.1% GDP fall) (Inflated- Remind You) with the Chinese media calling it a self-inflicted wound. Employment rates are falling like a deck of cards, manufacturing & agrarian sectors are in deep crisis, from social media trolls to cow vigilantes where is the largest modern Democracy headed towards as a nation?

Have we become a lynch nation – famous for Lynching people on the streets?

Has secularism taken a back seat? Are these the much awaited Aache din?

Cow is mummy in UP and yummy in North East. No offence people of north east. But only shouting out to farmers, dalits, minorities and women during the elections has become the characteristic of the incumbent government.

Riots, Mob Lynching, Dalit atrocity, women’s safety, unemployment and agrarian crisis seem to be rubbed off from Government’s chart of Priorities. Misuse of power for divisive tactics and strategies to muster vote banks seems to be the priority instead.


Isn’t it audacious for the Finance Minister to blame UPA for the economic slowdown and the dip in the GDP?


Elaborating Modi Government’s 3 year achievements in a press conference, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley admitted that the Economy wasn’t healthy when the Govt. launched note ban which is the complete paradox of what PM Modi presented in defence of demonetisation in February, “When can you have an operation”? When the body is healthy! Best time to launch demonetisation is when the economy is in good shape!

The Modi Govt. and supporters frantically tried to defend the GDP numbers by quoting that “demonetisation move gave economy Rupees 5 lakh Crore advantage”.

But fact is as Jaiveer Shergill of Congress pointed out rightly that “GDP numbers were not in sync with the ground reality which is far worse. BJP has mastered the art of juggling and fudging GDP numbers to mislead the public.”

The growth of eight core sectors – coal, crude oil, natural gas, refinery products, fertilizers, steel, cement and electricity – declined to 2.5% this April while it was pegged 8.7% in April 2016.

Investment rate has fallen from 34.8% to 26.9% between 2104 and 2017. Even credit growth in the financial year 2016 -17 is the lowest since 1953-54 when it had inched up by a paltry 1.7%, according to the apex bank data.

Country is witnessing a reversal of fortunes since it has become a farm importer from being a farm exporter. Between 2013-2014 and 2016-2017, India’s exports of agricultural commodities have dipped from $43.2 billion, even as imports have climbed from $15.5 billion to $25.6 billion.

Are the makers of modern India Snoozing? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PROMISES?


People are angry as the Modi Government is unable to live up to its promises. More than 30% of Indians aged between 15-29 % are neither in employment nor education and training.

In 2014, Modi ran for prime minister with the slogan “maximum governance, minimum government” – but , as “right-wing commentator Rupa Subramanya” pointed out in a piece in April, the Modi-led Union government is “starting to slip back into the old command and control mode and away from the promise of good governance”.

From BJP being called the biggest NPA in the country, to being referred to as Photo Shop Government it doesn’t surprise me at all since all BJP has done in the past three years is take a Big Nasty U turns on its electoral promises.  From Price hikes, National security, Foreign Policy, Article 370, AFSPA, GST, AADHAR, AP Special Status, to Dilution of democratic Institutions, the list keeps on growing.

Most of the much hyped programs of the BJP government are nonstarters. Big on talk but low on delivery.

Not only this, over the last three years Modi government been busy inaugurating schemes that were initiated by the previous government. For example, the recent inauguration of Kochi Metro, Dhola- Sadia bridge in Assam or the Chenani –Nashri tunnel in J&K.


Foreign Policy ?

On the foreign policy front the Government’s seems to be unstable, uncertain and immature as all of them have backfired. There is no clear Road map for Foreign Diplomacy and leadership lacks Gravitas. Diplomacy of gifts, photo shoots and surprise visits doesn’t seem to be working at all. Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad recently alleged that “In the last six months, Pakistan had disfigured Indian Soldiers Three times while 172 terror strikes had taken place in the last three years, 578 jawans have been martyred. There have been 1,343 infiltration bids from the Pakistan side in J&K and the government ends up presenting data that there has been 45% reduction in Infiltrations. Naxals have killed 271 security Personnel and 665 civilians in the last 3 years alone”.


At a time when our country desperately needs Responsible Leadership and accountability to rescue the nation from potholes of economic, diplomatic, agrarian crises, the only response we get from the Modi led BJP government at centre is: Diversion.

Yes, you heard it right. Diversion is the new form of Governance which is adopted by the incumbent Government of the largest modern democracy to run away from its failures and to divert the attention of the masses from issues of utmost Public importance.

Using these diversions as effective weapons assisted by the troll army and social media cells, not only BJP communally divides but also diverts the attention from real concerns of the masses. Since the Modi government has nothing to say on its three years of failure it is playing with the emotion of the people.

Attack on CPM’s General Secretary Sitaram Yechury by Hindu Sena Activists during a Press Conference on Farmers Protest in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra  on 7th June, Demand of a Ban on Street Delicacy Momos by BJP MLC Ramesh Arora on 4th June, Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Aditiyanath’s Comment that Taj Mahal doesn’t reflect Indian Culture and Pitting the Ramayana and the Bhagavad Gita against Taj Mahal are highly condemnable acts but one thing common between these events is that they are all Divisive and Diversionary in nature.

The agony Indians never saw coming, was the Trending Peacock Brahmachari, from the Rajasthan high court judge, who rocked the entire nation with his utter nonsensical comment and judgement.

Illogical statements from BJP Spokesperson Dr. Sambit patra alleging: “Nehru responsible for Partition”, “Cow dung is more valuable than Kohinoor Diamond” and controversial irrational blabbering by RSS leader Indresh Kumar that: “Valentine’s Day is responsible for rapes” further added to the aggravation of the BJP government.

MEDIA and Changing face of India:-

At a time when the country desperately needs media to play a neutral accountable role, Media houses seem to have completely sold their souls to BJP, they are running organised attacks against Sashi Tharoor, Digvijaya singh, INC, left  parties like a political entity.

The reason I believe why media houses and institutions aren’t actively reporting and asking questions is none other than Provocative nationalism. Whoever questions the Government activities and of the concerned Political party is called Sickular, libtards, commie, and finally labelled as Anti-National & asked to go to Pakistan.
Again CBI raids at the residence of NDTV founder Prannoy Roy three days after BJP spokesperson is asked to leave NDTV Journalist Nidhi Razdan’s show sends out a clear message that the Government is trying to intimidate the media.

Is it due to the fact that a modern day dictator doesn’t declare a dictatorship. He just makes it as hard and dangerous as possible to oppose him.

From a “PM who leaves it to the troll army to answers important questions on GDP, Cattle ban, earlier demonetisation to finally Celebrities coming to the aid of MODI, only because it’s a chance for them to get the attention they desperately seek from paid troll hyena armies”.

PM must not get carried away by Propaganda, Party and Lazy Ministers who have nothing much to do other than singing praise on every single issue.

“From being Sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic, republic of India there is a gradual transformation towards a Modern Cow worshiping, Anti-intellectual, majoritarian, supremacist Resurgent Bharat”.  A kind of India which is against the very principles and basis of foundation i.e. the scared Constitution.


“In his piece, that was published in April, 2014, a few weeks before the election results were due, Gurcharan Das, former CEO of Procter & Gamble, India, and an author and columnist, juxtaposed Modi’s communalism versus his promise of reform.” I would say he tried to absolve Modi of the Communal stain quoting Economic reform and still continues to do so only this time he quotes TINA factor. Hope is not a bad thing, but a trade-off between secularism and demographic dividend is worse especially when it has proven costly.

When all you have done is spending billions on marketing, Inaugurating projects initiated during the UPA regime, promoting false GDP figures, spreading fear in the society, sending lakhs of employees home in the name of layoffs, made a bonanza out of exploiting public in the name of fuel price hike, ruining a perfectly fine economy and ended up martyring hundreds of soldiers and forcing thousands of farmers to commit suicide – the best defence BJP has is asking the opposition : “What have you done in the last 60 years?”. Sorry BJP, you are the one celebrating MODIFest, find some better excuse than the usual rant of 60 years.

Instead of making up wild excuses and blaming Opposition for its failure to carry out and implement Government schemes and policies, Modi government at Centre and States should focus on Accountable and unbiased Governance. It would not hurt the Central government if it spends half the time and money on implementation process rather than atrociously marketing MODI as a brand. Why plunder the treasury to build a personality cult around one person?

Is it too soon to declare Mr. Modi’s first term a failure?  It is for the people of India to decide whether MODI stands for “Making of developed India or “Murder of Democratic India”.  Only time will tell. Autocracy will never defeat democracy and truth shall prevail.


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