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5 reasons why youth should take up interest in politics

Posted by Vinay Jaiprakash
June 21, 2017

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Politics has become a major concern in today’s world, especially in India, where power always seem to be given in the wrong hands. Corruption is taking over major government bodies and people are falling prey for it. Politics is becoming an area of money making, growing rich and accumulating property for the rest of their generations. Most of the politicians don’t even bother to look at people’s miseries and are mostly engrossed in safe guarding their positions.

It’s time to change the system and people’s perspective towards politics. India needs this major change in order to be a developed country. And here are some of the reasons why I think youngsters fit the best for this responsibility and should enter into the politics.

  1. Younger generations have better perspective:  Since they have grown up looking at how each political body works and what are the flaws in the system, they know what changes are to be done and how these changes are to be brought into action.
  2. They have great ideas : The youth has better vision and hence richer ideas to build a better system and create a wonderful future for the nation.
  3. They have the zeal to build the nation: Patriotism is in the blood of all the youths and they are ready to contribute anything for the nation. Their intelligence along with their hard work can create wonders, marking a milestone in the history of the nation.
  4.  They have a strong motto : Their main aim is to build a strong nation without loop holes and to get their nation in power with all the other nations in the world, and for this, they are ready for any sort of sacrifice.
  5.  They have unity in thoughts and actions: They know to lead the nation towards a better future and all the youths are in unison for achieving this goal, their ideas and methodologies are matching the frequencies of the others and they all come up for this greater cause

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