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5 tips to write an impressive narrative essay that stands out

Posted by ruchi gupta
June 8, 2017

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Writing a narrative essay is an utmost necessary requirement for field research. It does not focus or intends to put a conclusion for the reader rather it focuses on presenting your experience and allowing them to draw their conclusions. These kinds of essays point a path for the reader, rather than leading them to the destination. helps you with guidelines that would help you to improve your narrative essay writing:


1] Clarity: The essay should be clear and easy to understand by the readers. As it will not give them a concrete conclusion, but leave them to chalk down a conclusion it should be very clear. Complex sentences or complex words or even syntax devoid an essay of its clarity. Ideas and experiences should be well written and distributed between five paragraphs.


2] Do not describe each and every movement of yours: Providing too much of details could either make the essay very boring or the readers may not be able to focus and understand the essay properly. Information should be passed as per the requirement of the essay, however if relevant information that could have added to the essay if it is missed it leads to poor quality of writing.


3] There is no space for second-person narrative: The most important and crucial element of these essays is that it is based on the experiences of the writer. The writer uses it as a medium to express his experiences, so second person narrative will spoil the essence of it. However it could be framed in present tense.


4] To capture the attention of the readers dynamic words may be chosen: It is reasonable to use the same language as it was in the event, usage of passive constructions should be avoided. It should use the same slangs, idioms, abbreviations or even the turns of phrase as it was during the event.


5] Limit the use of references in your essay: It is a common practice to use references or citations in your essay. However narrative essays are an exception to this principle. Narrative essay lose their essence by the usage of citations. Usual essay have citations at the end for reference but in narrative essay writing you should include the citations along with the writing. However only if the citations are of importance and add to the essay they should be made a part of the essay. If the reader is made to jump from one point to a citation, it would lead to their loss of interest in the writing whereby they will not lead to a conclusion of the essay.


Narrative essays are a tool for rhetorical essay writing as it allows them to analyze and draw the conclusion. However, if the above points are not met then it loses it very purpose of guiding the readers.


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