7 Ways to Know She’s The One

Posted by bensim
June 23, 2017

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Life is about decisions. It is about a series of choices that we make.

To fall in love with someone and to decide to commit to them for the rest of your life is a big ask, especially when you are young.

Perhaps you are in a relationship now and you are wondering if she’s the one or that you simply need a little validation before you proceed.

If she has the following qualities, you shouldn’t worry – you got a keeper.


1. She cares

Will she be there for you when you need her?

This is quality number 1.

You both may be busy with your lives but if she drops everything because you absolutely need her – it’s a good sign.

(Be sure to the same thing for her too of course.)


2. She’s herself around you

She doesn’t feel the need to be something she is not around you.

You will see her bad side, her goofy side and her crazy side.

She will act like a child around you and for some odd reason, you act like a child around her too.


3.  She has her own thing going

Often we are fed with the idea that we need someone else in our lives in order to be complete.

But the truth is – we need to be complete ourselves in order to experience a truly loving relationship.

You have a mission of your own and she has one as well.

She is fully aware of what she wants and knows how to get it.

You as well.

You guys are together because you enjoy each other company than any other besides your own.


4. She’s supportive

She supports you in your endeavours.

She doesn’t doubt you or discourage you.


5. She respects herself

She is not easily swayed or hurt when others doubt her self-worth.

She doesn’t feel to need to impress other people but only to make an impression (big difference).


6. She has the same taste as you

Meaning that she enjoys the same things in life as you do.

For example, some people travel to shop, for the great outdoors, food or culture.

If you go with a travel buddy who wants to shop and you only care about food, you two will inevitably be at different places exploring your own things.

Having the same tastes in life enables you two to spend more time together than most couples (good deal eh?)


7. She believes in the same things as you do

Does she value the same things as you?

Does she prioritize the same things as you do?

For example, you have a mission to empower others through education and that will be your life’s work. But above all else, is the health and happiness of your family.

If she believes that family is above all else, you two believe in the same things.

Having a north star that you both genuinely agree to can solve most of your problems down the road and dissolve conflicts.

Now, do you have the same qualities as her?


This post was written by Ben Sim from iPrice group.

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