A Blissful Bluff

Posted by Ankit Mazumdar
June 1, 2017

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What do we necessarily learn from the Education we accumulate !Well, theories, not so much; they are rather unworthy cover. Basically, what we do is set of adjunct survival skills. As my adumbration, the only eloquent concept that gets you out of troubles is your efficacy to talk your way out: making the other person believe that, you do have an upper hand. As it is evident that everyone has got some dirt on them, and we can always use it to our leverage, which means that we can make ourselves invincible if we are skillful.
Then what does all the other principles stand for?
Why should we drudge ourselves at all?
Would it make world a better place without all the naïveté?
What if the world could not be made a better place at all?
Someone has to stay at the top and also at the bottom. That is how hierarchy works!Is the system efficient ?
Is it democratic?
It compels you to think how can anarchy change the course of the world or is autocracy the only other option?
If at all the new world order exists.
~dark lord

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