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A café in Indore, where you can get rid of your anger.

Posted by Bhadaas Cafe Indore
June 26, 2017

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Indore:  You often  go to cafes to drink coffee and spend a few moments relaxing with your friends. But how would you feel, if you have hockey stick along with the coffee in a café, If you are asked to break the things by cricket bat? Something like this happens in Indore’s cafe, where people are allowed to break the baggage, throw a vessel and scream, and get rid of their anger. The name of this cafe is called BhadasCafe. You may hear such a name for a cafe for the first time. This unique café is open at Nihalpur Mundi, Barfani Dham area of Indore city of Madhya Pradesh. People can release their anger in ample amount and they feel relaxed when the anger becomes calm.

You can break all these things-From glasses, cups, chairs, TVs, laptops, computers, CPUs, clock, here you will find everything that you want to break. To smash out your anger, from the punching bags to the balloons are there. By giving 2 rupees to 5 rupees you can break glass glasses, while in 50 rupees you can clean hands on the clock. You have to pay more for breaking big stuff, although this price is low compared to the loss. The most important thing about this cafe is that you do not have any interference here, as much as you wish, break it and get rid of your anger.

This cafe is open to relax people

Cafe owner Atul Malikram says, ‘This is the first café of this kind in India. This cafe will help a lot in relishing people from stress and depression in today’s race-filled life. This will prove to be very helpful especially for the youth because by breaking into this cafe, they will be able to relax their mind and focus on their future.

Keeping people’s safety in mind, gloves, helmets and tracksuits are also worn before they break. Words like hate, anger, sarcasm, screaming are written in big letters on the walls of the café. The owner of the café believes that people come here with negative emotions, and by breaking the arbitrarily in the cafe, they become positive from here.

There are other ways to relax in this cafe.

Apart from breaking things, you can play and listen to your favorite music by taking a coffee whip in this bustling cafe. You can meditate in the meditation room as well as you can also do the painting. During this time your mobile and other gadgets will be kept away from you. This café will also get you a consultation with the Psychologist when you need it.

Whether you are upset with your boss or mad at your boyfriend-girlfriends, frustrated with studies or husband-wife, angry with someone, or are trying to blow someone’s head. Now do not bother yourself. There is a big cafe for you to get rid of your anger!

For More information, please contact:

PR 24×7 Network Limited

Atul  Malikram@9755020247

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