A Civil Engineer calls HRD Minister and asks to remove Reservation!

Posted by Bibhav Singh
June 20, 2017

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With the recommendations of the Mandal Commission in 1979, the country saw mass scale identification of backward castes that were then provided reservation. The situation in India has improved by far but the rules haven’t kept pace with the same. Today, students who are friends till school and have the same potential don’t get the same opportunity because of reservation thus leading to the feeling of hatred among students.

We cannot say that reservation is not required in society. It’s just that the implementation of the reservation is not right in many ways and hence is not acceptable. The burden of these flaws fall upon the candidates of the general category. The pain of this matter is reflected in this video where a civil engineering student calls HRD Minister and asks to remove caste based reservation.

You can see what he did and how he did it, but no one can deny his arguments. Due to the shortcomings of the reservation system, if any qualified candidate has to sit at home, you may feel the sorrow.

Although it is a parody video that was directed by Neeraj Pandey on the lines of the movie A Wednesday in the year 2008, you will laugh at watching this video, but somewhere in it, there is a hidden pain of a General candidate who tries to take on the system one day. Significantly, there is a need to review the policies of caste reservation in the country for a long time. It has been more than 70 years since the country became independent and these measures only adds to the woes of the nation. Reservation is needed but on the basis of income and not caste.

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