A letter To women

Posted by Shruti Dash
June 11, 2017

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Hi everyone.

Today I am writing something that is striking my mind since a few days.As we all know that there are lots of violences and heinous crimes existing towards women and we blame the patriarchy for that.Ofcourse it is the truth but have we ever asked ourselves “From where did the patriarchy get it’s origin?”

Boys from a younger age start feeling entitled and stronger than girls and they make fun of girls and their attitude because parents and relatives only make them feel that they are superior than girls.And what I feel is that mothers play an important role in modifying their psychology.

Often I observe the people of my locality regarding how they are raising their children.And I get to know that mostly mothers tell their sons not to behave like girls.When two women are having a conversation if one of them has got only daughters the other feel sorry for her and tells her not to worry and that it’s God’s wish and advises her to accept the her fate.

Most of the women body shame other women.They have gossips about other women all day long.They become jealous of them if some of them achieve something or started living a better life.

They slut shame the girls if they wear western or short clothes and tell that their mothers haven’t taught them any morals.when a girl does something what she wants or she shows confidence in something the neighborhood aunties start talking behind her telling that “what is she trying to prove! She thinks that she is better than boys.”

In most of the cases it is the women who restrict their daughters from following their dreams and ask them to learn some household work instead.

If women are doing these things to other women how can we expect men to do good to women and believe in equality!So,I want all women to stand for each other and work in co-ordination.I want them to support other women.And if this happens we will definitely going to achieve equality one day.

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