A Quest for Life!

Posted by Quest Adventures
June 23, 2017

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With the unique vision of providing adventure and activity based learning across all platforms, Quest Adventures, has set a benchmark in the activity based learning industry. Their programs cater to a variety of individuals ranging from corporate clients to school children as well. The business specializes in customized active programs for independent clients and groups with a strong emphasis on outdoor experience, adventure activities and personally hand-picked lodging. They also specialize in designing programs which inculcate learning life skills through adventure based activities. Authenticated trainers and professionals  ensuring maximum security of clients during the performance of these activities.

“Our team is our USP”. There is absolutely no outsourcing from third party vendors as Quest Adventures organises everything via a capable team of in house leaders. The entire design and execution of the activities is done by their own team with no interference from outside. This is what makes them stand out from the competition and gives them the added advantage of being directly attentive to the client’s needs. A strong commitment towards learning through adventure and other activities can be touted as one of the most important reasons for the success of Quest Adventures.

Mr. Divyansh Gupta has been the mind behind Quest with the vision of bringing about the concept of outdoor experiential learning across various industries and outdoor education in schools. Along with Ms. Pragati Bansal who has been involved in strategic branding and maintaining a good corporate relationship in the industry. Mr. Aryan Dhami, who is the outdoor expert of Quest Adventures is specialized in adventure sports from NIM and is an expert trainer and adventure enthusiast.

The Back Story

The main idea behind the formation of Quest Adventure Group was to create awareness about the possibility of learning through adventure activities. India, being a country rich in adventure sports, provides ample opportunities for adventure seekers and Quest Adventures was quick enough to cater to the needs of such enthusiasts. Adventure activities prove as a driving force for learning new concepts and strategies, hence Quest Adventures works towards providing such a platform for exponential growth.

Quest Adventure Group came into being with the idea of conducting outdoor adventure programs which involved great enthusiasm for overcoming various technicalities on the field and to emerge victorious after passing through them. Creating awareness about adventure sports in the country was also one of the main aims behind the creation of Quest Adventure Group.

Services were further expanded in the corporate sector, with a wide range of options from basic team building activities to adventure  activities with tailored and fixed departure programs. These activities essentially help in motivating leaders in the corporate world while also motivating them to attain better communication and organizational skills.

Experiencing the new

In the year, 2013, Quest launched its outdoor training unit known as Quest Learning Institute. The main motive behind creating this unit was to cater to the needs of the corporate and to introduce the concept of “experiential learning”. Various programs of Quest Adventures are specially designed to encourage a sense of achievement in all the participants. These programs help the new employees to perceive their hidden potential and deliver effective outcomes as and when desired by the corporate.

Musical activities such as the Drum Circle are becoming quite common in the corporate circles where they are often used to engage employees through such entertaining activities. They can be easily weaved inside a conference to break the monotonous tone and achieve greater outcomes. A number of Drum Circles have been successfully organised by Quest Learning Institute as part of corporate employees energizing program.  The major clients of Quest Group includes- Google India, Microchip, Oracle, Capgemini, Tesco, HCL, Huawei and many others who have continuously engaged in team building and outbound training activities with Quest Learning Institute.

Quest Adventure Group once again came up with a new idea called “Nature Journey”. The main focus of launching Nature Journey was to provide primary schools, secondary schools, high schools, colleges and other educational institutions with the opportunity of learning through outdoor education and adventure programs. The adventure based learning activities help the students to learn through outdoor activities which set a deeper impact on the kid’s psyche and help them to grow and learn. A number of activities and programs have enabled the students to acquire a variety of skills such as- leadership, team spirit and unity, effective communication skills and team building capacities.

Initially, Nature Journey had started with summer camps and outdoor education programs but now it has also expanded its business to Hyderabad and Pune. Initially, Nature Journey just focused on summer camps as their basic outdoor education program but a number of other programs were also brought into the forefront such as- educational trips, faculty offsite and training and visit to manufacturing units etc. A CSR activity was specially started for Nature Journey called “Hand in Hand” program which focused on providing for the needs of the underprivileged kids who do not have access to the basic amenities of life and are struggling to maintain their everyday life balance. The main area of interest in this corporate social responsibility program lies in the fact that the company is able to bring students from various institutions and they are able to see for themselves the problems and hardships of these poor kids. The kids from these schools get to experience a lifestyle which is very different from the way they were brought up. It helps in instilling in them a sense of self and respect for the fellow community from a very young age.

It can be noted that Quest has come up to a platform where they have established themselves as a brand in the market and have gained recognition not just in Karnataka but all over India. Rising up to the challenges and achieving client satisfaction is the prime motto of Quest Adventures and they have been able to successfully achieve their targets till date. Quest has successfully launched its Adventure Club in Bangalore which works towards facilitating biking, trekking, hiking and also a special adventure club for women called the Stri Club. Hence, the company continually moves towards achieving growth in all spheres so that it is able to establish itself as the best outdoor service provider in the country.



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