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Posted by Jasveer Sarainaga
June 2, 2017

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During the articles published in the newspapers or during a typical ‘missed discussion’, the issue of tests conducted by doctors is often left untouched. Almost everyone is of the opinion that doctors carry extra tests because they receive ‘commission’ from them. Some even go to the extent that “even after fifty years ago, the doctors used to give the medicine to the patient and the patients were still recoverable, nowadays the money has blinded the doctors.” Some other siblings who are often associated with the Allopathy No, this excuse allows them to find an opportunity to show the best of their treatment methods. It is known now that even if a test is necessary for a patient, people also see the doctor with suspicion. Many such woods also come in the reading-hearing that reach the extent of the cancellation of the entire modern treatment system based on the commission of doctors, profits of pharmaceutical companies etc. Well, only because of the doctors’ commission, tests can be termed as wasteful. Is there really no need for tests or test boards, and what is the real foundation of the assumption that the probability of reducing the test in the minds of the people?

First of all, I think it is necessary to clean it that it is true that doctors eat commissions from the tests etc. And in this case the exemption to the doctors will be wrong in any case. It would also be unilateral to say that because money is the state in the entire society, so doctors should not expect any high morality. If this is the case, then the human consciousness that inspires man to fight against injustice, injustice, robbery, and who challenges the man to make the society better, the role of the society is rejected, and the man and the objective Under the circumstances, society which is part of it becomes a close relationship. It is a non-scientific viewpoint, the relationship between human and individual conditions is double, meaning that both affect each other and change, they are adapted. This becomes more important when we talk about the educated conscious classes of society. This is a section that, with others, first understands the changes in the society and the direction of the future and is active for the betterment of society. So a doctor who is one of the most educated people of the society, becoming a slave of society is not unreasonable at all.

Before proceeding, it is important to talk about the significance of the test / scanning treatment system. Man has been struggling against nature since coming into existence. He molds things derived from nature and manages to defend the forces of nature, even if he does labor. Developing a system for the treatment of sickness is also a part of this process of human activity. In the beginning of the development of the treatment system, when the technology in science was backward, the man was completely dependent on the diagnosis of the symptoms that were visible to the disease. Then as soon as the Industrial Revolution came, there was a tremendous development of science and technology, which has revolutionized the medical sector in the past two centuries and especially in the last 50 years. Man is no longer dependent on analyzing the visible visible symptoms, he can now look into the human body, can catch the disease very early, only when he is not causing any direct disorder. They may also find aspects not appearing of the disease, and any effect that increases or decrease the disease with greater accuracy during treatment, any effects on the ailments of the medicines Can see. During the treatment of more serious ill patients, it was now possible to know the patient’s momentary momentum and to start treatment immediately or to make a change in the treatment. All of this has been possible due to the large quantities of scans on tests that the man has developed. Due to this development in science and technology, regular treatment of many diseases has become possible today, which were previously generally fatal. Thus the use of tests / scans is not unnecessary or produced for any loss of humanity.Some elites still keep claiming to find “disease by treating the eyelid” or “seeing the tongue” for every disease, which is a mere nonsense. First of all, the importance of these methods is that their modern medical science is well-known and used. Secondly, humans develop the technique to make their work easier and more efficient and quicker and the technique is nothing but human brain and brain development, so for example, by the electricity calculator today Instead of making cloth, it is ridiculous to talk about milling the yarns, in the same way instead of getting help from tests / scans, finding thousands of diseases through the previous methods It is equally ridiculous to talk about treatment. In the initial days of the capitalist structure, the workers used to think machines responsible for the worst conditions of their exploitation and poverty, and then they broke the machines; then gradually they became aware of the economic-social structure that is responsible for their situation and then a place to sabotage the machines they began to fight against Lott structure. The condition of these archaeologists is similar to that of workers in the initial days of capitalization, because they see common people’s views about the tests / scans in increasing use of technology. The other side of this is that the development of the proper technique of helplessness to run together with the alliance of the old days breaks down, and gives birth to such misconceptions in the common people and strengthens them.

What these preachers of antiquity and non-scientific perspectives do not see due to their near-sighted disease is the modern economic and social structure associated with the development and utilization of technology and science, which is the technology and science to become the sole proprietorship of the entire humanity. Instead of giving it, it makes up a few wealthy pursuits and makes personal wealth of sophisticated science and technology that is shared with the whole humanity, and Century use for more loot to ordinary working people to increase your profits. The development in science and technology in the medical field is not avoided. Even in this area, every new technology is used by the capitalists to increase their earnings, not for the sake of humanity. The work of scientific research and technical development has become fully profitable because the phase of development we have reached has made it impossible for a lone scientists to do research by making their own laboratory. To provide money and laboratories for the experiments, major companies have the necessary resources to convert scientists into their profitable tool. American science fiction novelist Sinclair Lewis, written a hundred years ago, can be read “Aerosmith” about how the research work in the medical field. These companies sell at a high price, technology and products developed from that. After that, these farms rely on private ownership hospitals, scan centers and laboratories (now even bigger capitalist households are being occupied by companies) in the form of scans machines, test kits and other essential substances, which are their own. Section charge different. More than that, the owners of hospitals, scan centers and laboratories contribute to increase their profits so that doctors may send each patient to some test or scan for them. Based on private ownership and profits, the result of this structural fusion takes place at high prices on tests and scans etc. The majority of people are either unable to pay or they do so by lifting debt and making their stomach. So that should be a boon for humanity, they reverse the curse. These people hate doctors, tests and scans in the minds of people, and they start seeing every test, with suspicion of doubt. Secondly, the common poor see the rich getting treatment in the big hospitals and using them these test scans see their good treatment, their hatred is deeper.


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