Dalit Muslim Unity- A narrative fake to the core and proved failed already

Posted by Swarnabha Mitra
June 17, 2017

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As an ex-ABVP activist I must say ‘devoted’ members of this organisation possess expertise in two things….. vocal power and muscle power. They have nothing inside their head, zero sense of strategy in campus politics, don’t know to handle and manipulate issues. Thats why they are limited to all those campuses where gau-bhakts go to study. They have no ground in campuses like JNU, JU, HCU because they are intellectually handicapped to expose obnoxious nexus of leftist and Islamist. They are so dumb that they pelted stones in the Umar Khalid’s seminar at Ramjas College and helped him in getting publicity nationwide. If they were intelligent and knowledgeable they would attend the seminar, threw questions to Umar, asked him about Jogen Mondal and expose his fake narrative of Dalit-Muslim unity. If they were aware of historical facts they would not raise slogan ‘Jai jawan jai Kishan’ or ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ when kanhaiya Kumar called Indian Army rapist. Rather they would come up with Stalin’s red army massacre and gang rape of German women in Berlin city during 2nd world war.

Now when I mentioned the name Jogen Mondal now lets know who he was. Because since all the mess over Rohith Vemula and JNU started from last year I never heard his name from our great comrades of JNU who highly advocate the concept of Dalit-Muslim unity. But his name was supposed to be heard most because he was the architect of this concept. Then why didn’t we hear his name?? Because neither Umar Khalid nor his comrades want us to know. Jogendranath Mondal popularly known as Jogen Mondal was the man who helped Dr Ambedkar to get elected in constituent assembly (1946) from Bengal with help of Muslim league. After partition Jogen Mondal chose to move Pakistan because he thought Savarna Hindu administration of India would never provide rights to dalit. He was also elected as the first law minister of Pakistan. But soon he realised his mistake. Islamist govt of Pakistan refused to provide reservation facility for Dalit Hindus of Pakistan which Dr. Ambedkar successfully implemented in India.  Rather they started forcible conversion of Dalit Hindus. Jogen Mondal with a broken heart resigned from his post in 1950 by accusing Pakistan govt over forcible conversion & not giving dalits their rights and came back to India (you will find his full resignation letter in wikisource). He ended up miserably so did his dalit-muslim unity concept.

Now its pretty much clear why leftists never used his name. Rather in a very clever manner they are trying to portray Dr Ambedkar as an advocate of this DM unity. Sorry folks Ambedkar was not any stupid to produce such dumb absurd idea!! Dr Ambedkar was one of  the greatest intellectual India has ever produced. When Jignesh Mivani raised his voice in support of DM unity then we see burning homes of Namashudras on the other side of border in Bangladesh. Illegally occupying lands of lower caste Hindus, Santhals, raping Chakma women are regular events in that country.  Then these people go blind, deaf and dumb.  

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