After 70 Years Of Independence Why Our Mind-Set Is Still Not Free?

Posted by dbijani
June 29, 2017

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A 16 year old boy Junaid gets killed in a train full of people  over a seat dispute turned into an act of hatred and communal killing. He was  living on the same land we are, eating same food we are, drinking the same water we are, following rules, respecting his religion.

 where things went wrong ?

He belonged to a major-minority  i.e.  14.2% in a country which has been developed enormously in last 7 decades in terms of technology, state of living, infrastructure, economy but never evolved in what is called socio-political scenario.

We were divided then, we are divide now. There is no unity in union of Indian republic. You may have read in your social science book “unity in diversity”  is what India is but the ground reality shows something else. When one religion does not accept and respect a fellow religion thriving in the same mass land is not unity. When a human being is denied basic human rights because he is believed to born lower  is not unity. When being blessed with such a vast culture still technically we don’t have a national language this is not unity. We are simply diverse and not united.

Idea of Every man for himself is been applied in our country at a large scale called “Every religion for itself”.  This gives our politics a an undying strategy of divide and rule. It may sound cliché but you can’t deny it. Why minorities were given reservation? To grow to became equal in free India but are they equals now , did they grew, did they develop after 70 years? No they did not only one single thing grew which is the reserved quota. Politicians and political parties kept increasing no. of BACKWARD people rather than decreasing it. Ever thought this way that reservation was put in the constitution to remove barriers  but what we used It for increasing social barriers.

This way people in power kept minorities minor  they never let them grow as equals because they feared if they became united and grew equally where they will find easy agendas for politics.

Biggest example is the ruling party of our country was built on an ideology  for and of one religion not even entire religion but for the upper  section of that religion. They won with clear majority.

It’s not that only one section of society is to be held responsible. Why Muslims in our country doesn’t get the maximum support when they are being dominated and treated un-humanely it is because they never stood for fellow humans when some Muslims were responsible for riots or terror attacks. If in past they would have stood for humanity today humanity would have been stood with them in large number  without hidden agendas. I never saw a Muslim protestor or Imam coming out and condemning the act when they are responsible for it. But today I see thousands of Muslims coming out on streets protesting against mob lynching, beef ban. So I just hope in future when there is harm to humanity we should come out as humans and protest not Hindus or Muslims.


Now who is to be blamed for what’s happening in our country? Our ancestors as they left us with this system, Our leaders who are exploiting the system?  This is the main problem of our people we always find someone else to blame but in this there is nobody to be blamed but us.

Our respective religions taught us one thing which is nothing is greater than humanity  but we don’t even properly follow what we believe into.  Everybody is fighting to prove greatness of their religion, believes , culture. Now it’s come to a point where people are killing each other destroying humanity in name of believes.

One religion states Cow is a holy animal but did it mentioned that life of an cow is important than life of a human being. I haven’t read each and every literature related to Hinduism but I bet you will not find it anywhere written but it’s happening because some people believe.

Sad part is this is not happening to our country and its people for the first time we have a wide culture and history of riots for  believes.

I don’t remember since  when belief was an collective verb. It is an individual’s point of view, what  he feels and wishes to follow, it can be possible that more than one person shares same belief  but it doesn’t mean that everybody have to believe or even follow it. If you believe in something you follow it why impose it. Just because you are in majority, you have the power to impose you will?

Then where is the freedom in freedom?

You might be thinking why I am ranting about 70 years of independence, because we only review our country’s social and moral standing on yearly basis every year on 15th Aug and then forget about it.  I reviewed it a bit early so we can forget about it a bit early.

After  70 years,14 prime ministers,16 general elections, 3 generations of free Indians. I really want you to think that was the development and growth worth, if our mind-sets are still stuck in shackles of  caste, religion and minority-majority ? and is a belief is greater than humanity?


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