An Ideal Women

Posted by Khwaja Tabrez
June 14, 2017

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Background of Story:-Once upon a time around 1981 when flood came to Chaksu region of Jaipur, a 11 years girl living with a poor family due to flood she had lost her house and their economic condition came down, so her parent decided to get marriage with Ghasi Lal at the age of 13, and she could not tell anything because of family condition.When she came to husband’s house in Ram Nivas Pura, she could not understand that what was happening in her life, because the impact of flood she wanted to help her parent & relatives, but due to child marriage she could not help. She has to live with Ghasi Lal who is occupationally priest of temple.
Process:-When she was cooking one woman came and said that in our village there are some people who came from CECODECON (NGO) to conduct a meeting and wanted to discuss about the issues of our village, so she was very happy because she was victim of flood and she doesn’t want that whatever happened with here not should be repeated to other, so this was chance where she can work for needy people. So she attends the meeting and carefully listing to discussion and inspire to volunteer work. After that she has joined as a member of Self Help Groupwith the help of CECODECON staffs, and then she connected with the organization. One day field staff said that we are going to organize a training camp, so you can join and learn new things. But as uneducated women she was having many doubts and another thing was in mind that what their family and relatives thinks, and she was unable to take decision that what to do, she should go or not, in between her husband asked that what happen after coming from meeting I am observing that you are not comfortable, I know you want to go and its ok.
We will go together and see what exactly CECODECON is doing. Both of them came to organization and attained training camp, they found there were many people who came from different villages and she interacted with different women and could able to share her views felt batter. After that her husband said that this is the way where you can fulfil your dream and finally she connected with organization.
Present situation:-now she is having three boys and one girl who have got married. Shehas no land except the resident land but she never sad because her elder son is pursuing B.Ed. and rest of two sons are studying in class 10th.
Trainee Social Workers collecting information

And she is head of village development committee of Ram Nivas Pura, as her journey for development started within family now she wanted a develop village and empower women with self sustainability. In front of her house one physical handicapped person were living she took initiative to get pension for him as PWD person couldn’t did, and she form number of SHGs in the village with help of organization and now she is fighting for old ladies who are still not got pension. Village people where very happy because of her effort whole village is on the track of sustainable development, girls are going for higher education women are empowering day by day. When trainee social worker interacted with some people of the village they said that, we want to elect Sita Devi as a Sarpanch in coming time. So she can work more actively and can utilize the available schemes, programmes for deprived and marginalized people. Especially women will participate in local governance and they will develop self confidence by taking example of Sita Devi.
Moral of the story:
Moral of the story signified everybody having potential to bring change in the society Sita Devi is the burning example that uneducated women who got supported by her husband and connected with an organization that is CECODECON who only supported in terms of knowledge, skills, empowerment and build confidence on her. Now the situation of whole village has change people are sending their children to school, now Sita Devi is an ideal woman for villagers. If uneducated women can change the situation then why not educated? We need to change our mind set and give equal status to women. So everybody have responsibility for the development path of the society.
“Where Action Speaks Lauder than Words”


MD Tabrez & Parth Sarthi

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