An Open Letter from Love Matters India for you

Posted by Love Matters India
June 9, 2017

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Hi there!

Got a minute to talk love and relationships?

We have all been in love at some point, or are looking for it right now. Love and relationships are a very important aspect of our life. We meet people, and sometimes fall in love with them. And, while there is a lot of excitement during the initial phase of romance, there are also times when we realize that maintaining a healthy and happy relationship is hard work!

So today, we write to you this letter to share some of our insights on love and relationships. Wondering why? Well, because Love Matters (also, that’s basically our job!). It’s no real surprise, but important to remember that the basis of any relationship is mutual trust, respect for each other, open and honest communication, and of course, love. Once we have these things in place, it becomes a whole lot easier to build and enjoy a smooth and happy relationship.

But, alas, this doesn’t always happen. For instance, does your partner asking you to share your e-mail or Facebook password with them really a symbol of trust? Or, your partner telling you what to wear or who to meet really love? What about when your partner demands that you spend all your time with them? Does that show love or respect for your personal space?

Makes you think, right? #KyaYahiPyarHai? But hey, don’t stress! Love and relationship can be complicated stuff, and sometimes it can be difficult to know when care and love slowly change into control. So, what can you do? Well, the first step is let’s start talking about it! Talk about what care and control mean to you and your relationship. Talk to your partner, your friends, and of course, you can always count on us/Love Matters to listen to you!

Well, our minute’s up. But as we say goodbye, here are some wise words for you:

Control is for the keyboard, not your relationship!

#Cool #WiseWords

Oh and don’t forget, Love Matters! Always.

Much love,

Love Matters India Team




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