Are we moving forward ?

Posted by Prachi Goswami
June 13, 2017

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Recently army chief announced that women will soon be seen on the borders fighting with the opposite army . A remarkable move laying foundation of equality but are we actually moving forward ? Somewhere we are fighting for equality between men and women .Allowing women to enter the combat field is indeed a step towards equality . Women empowerment etc are tremendous moves taken by government to promote the idea of equality . But the idea of equality seems to be limited to only these two sections of the society . We have never thought of the other section which include the transgenders , eunuch,queers or the hijra or the kinnar samaj .Most of us do not consider them in the “mainstream “. For ages they have been marginalia and somehow still stay in that space of there own .They have never been allowed to enter the so -called “mainstream” field .This question still remain who has created these boundaries ? . Some of us still consider them as unnatural . Are we actually moving forward . Somewhere we are still not open enough to talk about transgenders openly . Studying in a convent school for 10 years made me conservative I remember how a teacher gave negative remarks about these people .These statement often leads to the conclusion that we are still living in a restricted frame of mind where we do not give space to these people where “natural “are only two sections men and women .Apart from these two sects everything else is consider unnatural and often immoral also . Though several steps have been taken by various state government where transgenders have been given jobs in police and railways but more concrete efforts should be put in to bring these people out of margings . Mass awareness is very essential in bringing change. Gender studies should be include in school ciriculum. Bollywood should also realize that mocking them in movies would not add any extra humour to the movie .Such concrete steps should be taken to allow them to live with equality and respect in the society .

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