The Ridiculous Reasons Indian Women Have Been Rejected For An Arranged Marriage

Posted by Saswati Chatterjee in Sexism And Patriarchy
June 30, 2017

This is a PSA for girls out there: If you’re planning on an arranged marriage, better not have any friends. Actually, pretty much give up on the hope of any kind of social life. Because your prospective in-laws are almost certain to find anything which doesn’t measure up to the impossibly weird standards of ‘sanskaari daughter-in-law’ as a good enough reason to reject you. At least that’s what RJ Sukriti found out, much to her shock and amazement.

While the idea of the mother-in-law raging on the daughter-in-law for not making round enough rotis seems to be drawn from Indian serials, turns out it does have its roots in reality. And while they make for hilarious after stories, they also remind us of a sobering fact: that women are still expected to conform to a certain way of living to be a part of the great Indian household. It’s either that or get thrown out, apparently. And anything, literally anything (like having too much aloo in your aloo paratha!) is reason enough to get thrown out.

As RJ Sukriti puts it: the way out may be simply putting your foot down. “Reject them before they reject us.” Because guess what? The woman does have a voice in this relationship!