Ayub’s Death – “A wake Up Call or Indians”

Posted by Akshay Goyal
June 29, 2017

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I brought him up like a son, do people go to o a mosque to kill people like this ? He was not an informer, then why was he killed ?”
Asked by Mohammad Ayub’s Sister

Few days ago I have talked about death of the Junaid, that time I was attacked verbally by many people saying that I am supporting Islam.

Well for those who think like this, I would like to quote something, I don’t support Islam, not much Hinduism and any other faith although I am free to respect all. I am a free thinker who loves to weight issues based on the right or wrong.

When a death happens in a family, pain hona natural hai, koi ye nahi bolega ki mujhe pain nahi hoga, chahe wo ayub ki family ho ya Junaid ki ya or Kisi other men – at – arms ki.

Ayub’s sister has raised a valid question. I was asked by various people the same question. But I am powerless to answer this question. I am curious to know the answer. Does anyone here to help me ???

The situation in Kashmir is becoming atrocious. My mood is melancholic when I see one part of my country in a shoddy situation. While watching Kashmir at this time, we all must experience the same emotion.

And the worst part is ; we are not driving any solution to this hitch.

Sabse easy solution dikh raha hai to vo hai “exchange of blaming words”. Her koi yahi to ker raha hai.

Ayub has sacrificed his life for our country. He had another option to live his life lavishly but he has chosen to sacrifice his life not for himself but for us.

Noone can’t decrease the sorrow of his family but one thing for sure we can do,

Because they are the ones who are dealing with guns, bullets and all vulnerable stuff. They have left their wives, their childrens, thier parents almost everything to protect us.

So itni respect to banti hai apne army walo ke liye.

If you get answer to Ayub’s sister question, do let us know…

Lots of love, wishes, affection and grand salute to all the soldiers fighting to protect us !!!!

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