“Baby…you are 23 now and you are a women and you have to get married soon”

Posted by Pavani Poluri
June 10, 2017

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I come from a family which is sufficient enough to lead a happy and luxurious life but which was not a cup of cake. I remember my dad saying me that they prayed alot after my sister’s death, to have a baby daughter. For an year, they even stopped believing god. But somehow luckily(dnt know if it really is) i was born and my dad hadn’t believed that he got a baby daughter till he saw me for himself. From then,I was broughtup as the only princess in his life. I was given whatever I want.Frankly speaking, I was taken care more than my brother. There was no day without my dad bringing me my favourite sweets. As, we had a small educational institution, I had to go to our own school where once I got a punishment for not doing my home work where my teacher bet me with a wooden stick which gave me an infection on the palm. My dad was very furious and thought of removing her from job (but he didn’t). I was so happy with everything I had.

In every aspect I was given priority in the family. Mine is a jooint family of 19 people, where I was the elder one in girls. Many people used to tell my dad that he has got another MOM after my grand mom’s death. Infact he calls me MAA. I was broughtup like a tom girl and I was the apple of eye for my whole family.

Till my 10th standard, I was a good at education but after that,due to my health issues, I had to waste one year of my education life which was the toughest part of my life because it made my mom and dad have tears in their eyes. After that, for my graduation, I have joined in Arts in my favourite subject English literature with the support of my dad. Many of my relatives told my dad to join me in btech but he still supported me. And so I was waiting for the time where I thought I have to prove myself for all the criticism me and my family faced in the one year of my intermediate stage.

After my graduation, I wrote entrances for five universities where I got selected in all the universities and I was second top in a university and 20th rank in other university and also got good ranks in the other universities too. I have joined in Tirupati SV University which gave me many hardships but I got through them again with the help and moral support of my dad and friends there. Infact, am indebted for my friends over there for all the things they have done to me and for accepting me the way am.

Like every other women in India, even  I had to face harassments all through. and I overcome all of them.

Later on, my relatives started asking my dad to get me married. But I was very much interested in studies and I wrote entrances for EFLU,Hyderabad and also AP-EDCET. I got selected to do my B.ed in EFLU and also I got 11th rank in AP-EDCET. But this time, my dad was not interested to send me for higher studies… And the reason he says is,”Baby…you are 23 now and you are a women and you have to get married soon” which I wasn’t expecting from him. Somehow with my Dad’s brother’s  recommendation, I have joined in EFLU,Hyderabad. And its past one year now that I have joined in EFLU, and am in vacation now which gave my dad a chance for getting me a good alliance and get me SETTLED. I had no choice than to say YES.  Because,  they always gave me what I have ever wanted in my life and now this is time I can actually give them some happiness. But still…the only thing which hurts me are those words of my dad,.

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