Ban [Can we stop with the idiocy now?]

June 8, 2017

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Okay so another ban round the corner for Indians. First beef, now momos. Oh the reason behind this new ban? ‘Cause apparently momos are becoming an unhealthy addiction for youngsters. Oh so you really serious about that BJP? By the way I was wondering if that is the case, when are we banning the real havoc causers of India from India? Like Moronic Politicians? And when are we banning the real unhealthy addiction eh? Like hypocrisy?

I’ll tell you what – eating one animal is banned. What about the rest? Like you want reservation there too eh? Special quota for cows and the rest go under general, physically abled category so just screw them, right?

‘Cause poor goats and hens can just go to hell. They don’t seem ‘pure’ enough to be worshipped, is it? Well, goats are herbivores too you see. They totally abide by our Hindu laws. Why this discrimination against them? I say goats should outrage too. Oh, and sorry dear hens, better luck next birth.

And about this momo thing – addictive much? Well, I’ll tell you what else is addictive. Cigarettes. Alcohol. And I can go on and on with the list. So these are apparently the majority in addiction. So we just let them stay. And of course minorities, like momos, have always been a target in India – so what’s new? Oh, sorry, one of our states has taken it up against alcohol too. For the sake of our Father of The Nation. Okay so tell me one one thing, what state is keeping cigarettes away next? Or actually what state is keeping morons away? ‘Cause that’s the state I’m going to shift to.

And now. What’s wrong with us? What’s wrong with the people of India? I see fire on the internet on these ridiculous bans. Why don’t I ever see it when people are victimized by criminals? Or when helpless people are terrorized into silence by the powerful ones in our country? Why don’t I ever see this kind of outrage for the farmers – for the ones who need our utmost attention now? Half of India is going to bed hungry every night. Err.. sorry, most do not even have a bed to go to. The minorities aren’t empowered yet. And don’t even get me started on the plight of women in our nation. Where is the outrage for the real problems people face in our country? Like religious hypocrisy, financial mediocrity or rape culture? So okay we are ruled by idiots. And what are we? Bigger idiots.

For once, just for once, let’s show the same aggression towards the real issues. For once, let’s try standing up against them. And only candle marches do not account for outrage. Before picking our ways to outrage, let’s outrage against our own minds first. Let’s change ourselves first, and then  – bring it on!
Nobody will be able to fail us as a nation anymore – not even ourselves.

~ Upasana Mishra

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