Big fat Indian weddings are nothing to be proud of anymore.

Posted by Shristi Bhattacharjee
June 16, 2017

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We all know that India is the land of Big Fat Weddings. Weddings are a big platform for people to show off their wealth and trust me,  this is the new and improved version of the dowry culture. I will tell you how.


Earlier,  the two families would demand for dowry straightaway. But nowadays, they ask each other how much they can spend on the wedding,  how much they can pay and gift as ‘shagun’on the various functions, especially the ’tilak ‘ function.

It’s strange how families are termed as a ‘solid note party’. How come less and less people care about the marriage?  How come less and less people care about what it’s actually all for? The marriage matters right? The wedding doesn’t.

Indeed,  everyone wants to have some fun in their wedding ceremony,  but why create unnecessary pressures on whoever is paying for it? Why not call friends and family,  people who matter? And just them? It’s about time we think about it. It’s about time we stop being so proud of the big fat Indian weddings. Because someone out there is keeping their jewellery with the bank to get a loan,  someone out there is being humiliated because his/her parents weren’t able to get everything right on the wedding,  because someone out there is living with a defunct marriage which had a fancy wedding.

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