bihar or vihar???….

Posted by Sharad Sharma
June 25, 2017

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When I previously visited Bihar it’s three years ago in spite of some ancestral property and some of the memories of childhood BIHAR does not seem to offer much to me. Large scale migration of young population, agrarian crisis, malnutrition, despite the improvement of mortality rate Bihar still lags behind many states and still a BIMARU state and if you want to abuse anyone call him Bihari.

During my last visit to Bihar first phase of development of Bihar started with electrification of rural areas, proper usage of fund of Pradhan Mantri Gramin Sadak Yojana (PMGSY), the decrease in crime rate, improvement in enrollment of girls in school, an able administrator in form of NITISH KUMAR.I heard from some one that now Bihar is not the same as it was in 2014, now it changed completely with electrification and improvement in connectivity through roads.There is an upsurge in rural aspiration with the advent of new technology and it led to huge exploitation of natural resources similar to so called developed states and rising inequality in Bihar.This will complete the first phase of “development”.

But Bihar needs to be a role model in sustainable development  that will usher the second golden age of  India.Most part of the ancient history is dominated by the glorious age of MAGADHA empire, the empire that forced the Alexander to change its course. The empire which was known not only for its military might but also for its glorious contribution in science, astronomy, mathematics, arts, and spirituality. Even in Veda and epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata, there is mention of Magadha empire. Jarasandha (   जरासन्ध) one of the ablest rulers of Magadha found its mention in Mahabharata.Even the texts of Jainism and  Buddhism mentions the folk and lore of Magadha empire and its ruler.Medieval history also mentions the able and visionary administration of Sher Shah Suri whose administration capability still holds true in modern India.Magadhi Prakrit still relevant in some parts of Bihar. 

IN modern history Mahatma becomes Mahatma in  Champaran and led the Foundation against colonial rule. Even after Independence Bihar is one of the fastest growing states under the visionary leadership of Krishna Singh and in many instances, Bihar protects the country be it in JP movement, during Babri demolition and still holds the central place in political discourses of the nation.

It’s time for BIHAR  to rise and realize its full potential which will not only benefit the Bihar but also the nation.If India wants a dominant position in the league of nation Bihar must have a dominant position in the sustainable growth story of India.The onus is on Nitish Kumar to bring about the second golden age of India, to bring back the lost self-esteem of Bihari.If India wants a golden age it must coincide with the golden age of Bihar no other way round as we say “History repeat itself”.



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