Bihar – victim of selective journalism

Posted by Mukund Verma
June 4, 2017

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People who still believe that there is Ramrajya everywhere except Bihar, I am bringing you a few stories from other states which main media will not take seriously.
Because when it comes to TRP, Bihar gives it maximum when shown in poor light.

1. MP: A journalist was shot dead in his office two days ago by liquor mafia. (Forget the Vyapam, if you have ever heard of)
2. Rajasthan: Hostel warden booked for sodomizing 2 minors.
3. Haryana: Haryanvi cop opens fire in HP, injures toll-booth employee for asking fee. (Forget about the gang-rapes)
4. AndhraPradesh: Unable to bear the funeral expenses of his 16 year old daughter who committed suicide, a father dumped her body in a drain.
5. Ludhiana, Punjab: 10 year old girl kidnapped and molested.
6. Kolkata, WB: Fake doctors racket busted. Several arrests being made.

These were a few headlines of last seven days from different states. Have you heard of these?
Did anyone of these made limelight on our national channel prime time? Now just replace the states’ name with Bihar and then see the drama.
All newspaper, tv channels will flood the streets of Bihar to make it a national headlines.

I don’t think there is any conspiracy to malign Bihar’s image, but it is war of TRP. And negative publicity of Bihar fetches that.
People watch it, talk about it, show sympathy or rage towards Biharis. Why we are daily talking about Kashmir for almost 3-4 hours in newsrooms?
Why Arnab shouts and screams when he can be heard easily if he talks normally? Why no body talks about our beautiful North East ever on prime time?
Why Lalu Yadav is talked for scams but not Sharad Pawar?

Its all an ugly game of money and selective journalism. They know what we see and watch and they are en cashing it. Now it has become like a reality show and for them, it must go on, even if it comes at the cost of stereotyping millions of people of Bihar.

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