Blog on Soldiers or Indian Army

Posted by Shreyas Lokras
June 29, 2017

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Blog on Soldiers or Indian Army:
It is not easy to Be a Soldier or Become a Soldier. Soldier Life is not Easy. Everyday Death is so near of Them that They also Don’t Know. Soldiers have to face Tough battles and their families have to suffer and also have to face some Tough battles When They Go on Border To Represent our Country and to Fight for our Country and make our India Proud and make our Flag reach Greater heights. Anybody cannot become a Soldier.He or she should have courage Determination passion Love and Respect for the country. Because they also Don’t Know when they have to face certain Difficult conditions like in land water and also air. Future is Uncertain and Unknown it really suits on Them. But They still Fights For our Country and For us So that we are Safe and Happy in our Homes. They only care that our Country is fully protected and people are safe Due to them. We cannot imagine what hardships or Difficulties they face sitting in our couches and Homes. In Today’s world everybody tries to give suggestions but till now you are not there you cannot say anything about it. Politics is also increasing on them.Why to Do politics. We should admire respect love and salute Every Indian Soldier and Indian Army for The Great work They are doing and Continue to Do.In every situation and struggle They are with us.
Soldier is not only a Respect But a Salute For Everyone.

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